Australian Gold Cheeky Brown Accelerator Tanning Lotion Review

Australian Gold Cheeky Brown AcceleratorWith dozens of tanning lotions on the market, selecting the right one for you can be a challenging task, especially if you have never used one before and aren’t very knowledgeable about what a good lotion should be formulated with. Before you proceed to getting golden, sun-kissed skin, it’s necessary to get a base tan, which can accelerate the tanning process and help retain color for a longer time. Of all tanning accelerators available, Australian Gold Cheeky Brown Accelerator Tanning Lotion is one of the best to choose, as it’s been formulated not only with potent moisturizers, but also with natural bronzers that will give you a perfect base tan.

We’ve put together an in-depth Australian Gold Cheeky Brown Accelerator Tanning Lotion review to help you understand how this product works, and whether or not this is a good option for you.

How Is It Formulated

  • Native Australian Oils: The lotion is formulated with Australian oils that help moisturize the skin, allowing for uniform tanning of your skin and minimizing the drying effects of tanning beds and sun exposure.
  • Vitamins A & E: Both vitamins A and E have been long known for their potent moisturizing properties, which prevent drying and keep your skin looking healthy.
  • Natural Bronzers: Thanks to the herbal extracts contained in the product, your skin will get a beautiful base tan naturally.
  • Natural DNA: Helps repair damaged skin cells and fight signs of aging, thus keeping your skin youthful despite frequent use of tanning beds or sun exposure.

How Will It Help Your Skin Tan

Australian Gold Cheeky Brown Accelerator Tanning Lotion doesn’t employ the same principle as tingle or bronzer tanning lotions. Instead of driving tan into darkness, this lotion will help your skin gradually build up color, therefore making it less likely to burn when exposed to UV radiation, whether inside a tanning bed or in the sun. Native Australian oils, vitamins A and E help hydrate the skin and deeply condition it, thus boosting the tanning power of indoor tan beds and minimizing their drying effects. At the same time, natural bronzers provide a slight boost of color immediately, allowing your skin to turn slightly darker and form a perfect base tan. In the end, the natural DNA contained in Cheeky Brown helps repair damaged skin cells and fight signs of aging, keeping the skin youthful, firm, and good-looking.

Unlike the vast majority of tanning lotions on the market, Australian Gold Cheeky Brown Accelerator Tanning Lotion has been designed for both indoor and outdoor tanning, meaning it can be successfully utilized for sun beds and beach tanning alike.

Leaves Tanned, Soft and Golden Skin

Perhaps the most noteworthy benefit of choosing this lotion is the uniformity of the results. Australian Gold Cheeky Brown Accelerator Tanning Lotion is forgiving enough that you don’t have to worry about streaks or splotches when applying the product. This, in turn, will help your skin to tan uniformly, allowing even novice tanners to achieve a beautiful base tan. The lotion doesn’t leave the skin feeling dry, keeping it soft and giving it a natural golden glow.

Application Made Easy, Even for Beginner Tanners

One thing you will love about Australian Gold Cheeky Brown Accelerator Tanning Lotion is the ease of application. Since it comes as a lotion instead of spray, you can easily apply the product on your body and distribute it evenly to get uniform results. The texture is not too oily and not too runny either, meaning you won’t be having a hard time with the lotion dripping and splotches forming. That’s a huge plus if you’re a beginner and don’t know how to address splotches, not to mention that it saves time and frustration.

Adorned with a slight coconut scent, this accelerator tanning lotion will make your skin smell lovely.


  • Complex formula moisturizes skin, provides a slight boost of color and repairs damaged skin cells;
  • Great for indoor and outdoor use;
  • Produces a uniform base tan no streaks or splotches;
  • Keeps skin moisturized and soft even after hours spent at the beach;
  • Texture is not too oily or runny, thus facilitating application;
  • Subtle coconut scent so doesn’t leave your skin smelling like burnt;
  • Very affordable just below $20 for a 8.5oz bottle;


  • Lacks SPF using sunscreen is required to prevent sunburns!
  • Reapplication is needed every 2-3 days to prevent your tan from fading;
  • May not provide the same results for everyone;


To conclude the above, Australian Gold Cheeky Brown Accelerator Tanning Lotion is undoubtedly a great accelerator tanning lotion to try. You’ll get a base tan that’s even darker than you have initially expected, allowing your skin to prepare for more serious tanning. For a price value this convenient, you will be able to quickly move on to a more advanced tanning lotion without investing a lot of money!

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