6 Proven Benefits of Indoor Tanning

IndoorTanningThese 6 proven benefits of indoor tanning support the belief that it’s not only safe to tan indoors – it’s healthy!

UV light is crucial for every human’s overall optimum well-being. Yet, it’s now widely known and accepted that outdoor tanning puts us at great risk of developing potentially deadly carcinomas and melanomas. Tanning indoors is the safer way to reap all of the benefits of sunlight, including:

Tanning Reduces the Visibility of Scars, Stretch Marks And Jaundice

Tanning doesn’t wipe out the scars but it can make them much less prominent. Scars are typically much darker than the skin tone and this causes them to stand out. By darkening the skin tone, the appearance of the scar becomes more blended.

The thinner the scar is, the better the results are. For instance, there are usually very good results reported by those who have thin-line scarring from cosmetic surgeries. The same optical illusion holds true for reducing the visibility of stretch marks.

Jaundiced skin, a symptom of some medical conditions and a side effect of some medications, can be toned down through tanning. The yellowish skin tone becomes muted as the skin becomes gradually darker.

Tanning Balances and Fortifies the Largest Organ – The Skin!

Skin is not just the largest organ of the human body; it’s an exterior protective cover for all other organs. It’s susceptible to conditions that are alleviated through UV exposure.

Acne, eczema and psoriasis are all known to respond to ultraviolet light, as the production of excessive oils is curtailed and dry skin is soothed. The UV exposure triggers Vitamin-D production within the skin for even more benefits.

When the skin is optimally conditioned and healthy, there’s a far less threat of the development of infections. Salon sessions are also known to be relaxing and rejuvenating. Any stress reducer assists in the prevention of facial lines caused by frowning and worrying.

Tanning Sessions Can Result In Weight Loss!

Exposure to UV-light increases the body’s metabolism by nudging the thyroid gland to be more active. The metabolic increase typically translates into some degree of weight loss.

This is a great incentive for anyone who feels challenged and discouraged by obesity and finds it hard to get motivated with a new, healthy routine. Getting started on healthy, glowing skin and kick-starting some weight loss makes a very motivating, self-improvement combination.

Indoor Tanning Chases Away the Winter Blues

SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) is caused by a severe lack of UV light. It’s often associated with the winter because of the shorter daytime hours and the resulting lack of Vitamin-D.

Lethargy, depression and energy depletion are the typical symptoms of SAD that can be alleviated to some degree by tanning sessions. And, stimulating the production of the D vitamin is important for many more reasons.

Tanning Indoors Stimulates the Production of Health Smart Vitamin D

Vitamin D is crucial for optimum health and there’s only one way to get it naturally. It’s produced when ultraviolet rays are absorbed by the skin for conversion by the body.

A lack of the D vitamin can cause very serious health issues. In fact, the more severe the depletion of Vitamin D – the more severe the health consequences can be!

Research findings show that those with the lowest levels of vitamin D are at more than twice the risk of heart disease than those who have the highest levels. There is a significantly increased risk of heart attacks.

Depleted levels of this vitamin also contribute to premature aging, osteoporosis and several types of cancers. Lung cancer, ovarian and breast cancers, kidney cancer and many others have an established correlation with severe D deficiency.

Tanning Salons Provide Sunshine in Measured Doses

Reuter’s Health editor, Ivan Oransky, reminds his followers that the skin cancer risk from tanning indoors is LESS than half of 1%! It’s practically non-existent for the tanners who adhere to the FDA’s recommended guidelines.

Contrary to outdoor tanning, indoor exposure is strictly timed to prevent dangerous overexposure. Salon tanning is done under very sharp supervision. The sessions will not extend beyond the FDA’s recommended time limit for UV-exposure.

Tanning at a salon also requires that the FDA’s warnings and precautions be fully explained to every client. That’s not going to happen at the entrance to any beach, anywhere in the world!

Covering most of the body and wearing extreme sunscreen protection all of the time is an extreme response to the fear of getting skin cancer. The best response is to locate a reputable salon near you and start enjoying the 6 proven benefits of indoor tanning.

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  1. Tomas Killington says:

    My wife has been trying to lose a few pounds. She has been looking into different practices that can help her achieve her weight goal. I didn’t realize that a tanning salon service can help increase the body’s metabolism by increasing thyroid gland activity. That seems like something my wife would really benefit from.

  2. John says:

    I found it interesting to learn that tanning indoors can stimulate the production of vitamin D. The article mentions that his is important since a lack in vitamin D can cause serious health issues. I feel like I don’t always get adequate exposure to sunlight, so I think getting my vitamin D through a tanning salon could be really important for someone like me.

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