What’s The Best Tanning Lotion For Fair Skin?

Most people with fair or pale skin dream of sporting a sun-kissed look, but they are afraid that their skin might get burned from UV exposure from the sun or tanning beds. It is a fear that is not entirely baseless. After all, people with fair skin are really more prone to burning because they have less melanin than those with dark skin. Melanin is a pigment that not only gives color to the skin but also protects the skin from radiation as it tends to absorb and scatter ultraviolet rays.

Fortunately, you do not have to harm your fair skin to achieve a nice tan. You just have to choose the best tanning lotion. Selecting the right level of tanning beds while ensuring that your sessions end at the right time further helps.

When it comes to picking the tanning lotion that is suitable for your fair skin, remember not to shock your delicate skin by using intense bronzers right away. During the first few sessions, use a “base tan”, “step 1”, or “accelerator” lotion instead, until you will have a nice base tan. This way your skin will not only get used to the procedure, it will also be protected against chemicals in bronzers and tingle lotions that may irritate your skin. Some people who use tingle lotions without getting a base tan first have reported irritated and itchy skin afterwards. In addition, when you use a bronzer, you might not be able to determine how dark you have really become. Because of this, you might intensify or prolong your session putting your skin at risk.

Phoenician Tanning Lotion An example of a good beginner lotion is Designer Skin Phoenician. This dark tanning lotion hydrates, smooths, and softens skin while darkening it so it is perfect for a tanning newbie. In fact, users of this lotion gave it an average of 4.6 out of 5 stars saying that it “gives a tan that looks natural”, “smells nice”, “is not sticky or heavy on the skin”, “moisturizes skin”, and “has vitamins, amino acids and plant extracts”, among other comments. But if you do decide to try other beginner tanning lotions, just make sure that they have the words “base tan”, “step 1” or “accelerator” in their names.

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To further ensure that you’ll get a beautiful tan, keep in mind that the level of your tanning bed matters. The higher the level of the tanning bed, the better. Higher level tanning beds are more expensive but they use more sophisticated bulbs which emit more light rays that darken rather than burn your skin. In contrast, the cheaper lower level tanning beds use low-quality bulbs that may toast your skin because they emit more amounts of the burning rays. Thus, select the highest bed your budget can get you so you will achieve the best outcome.

Equally important is the duration of your sessions. If you are new to tanning, shorten your first session to 5 minutes then prolong it slowly. For instance, your first session should only last 5 minutes, your second session may be up to 7 minutes, then 10 minutes on your next visit and so on. By not rushing your tanning process, you will safely get the skin color you want while minimizing the chances of adverse affects.

If you remember these guidelines the chances that your tanning sessions will go wrong are slim. You can easily have a glowing tan while making sure that your skin remains healthy.

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  1. pale face says:

    I am new to tanning and quite fair. Actually I went to the tanning salon to use the Red Light bed and after a few I became intrigued with the tanning beds. I bought a 4 tan package and a packette of Drama Queen by Australian Gold. I used the mid-level bed, Heartland Ovation 5400. I believe my first tan was 6 minutes. I didn’t notice much color, red or tan, but liked the lights and felt good.

    Next I came in to tan and saw they had an offer for a free high pressure bed tan if you bought a bottle of tanning lotion for at least $50. It seemed like a heck of a deal, as the HP beds are $35 for one use. I purchased a bottle of Juicy Gossip by Designer Skin but also had a coupon for 2 free packettes of lotion. I was given 14 Karat Gold by Designer Skin and used one of those packettes for the HP tanning bed. The tanning pro told me that I could go longer in the HP bed and put me in for 10 minutes. I went with the SPORTARREDO 360 bed and loved it!! So high tech! This time I did get slightly pink and I can see that I am starting to tan. Thrilled!!

    Yesterday I went in for a Red Light and a tan. This time I used the Ergoline 240 bed and my Juicy Gossip lotion. There was a different tanning pro there and she put me in for 10 minutes. I decided after the tan that I prefer the HP bed most of all but also that I prefer the Heartland over the Ergoline. At that time I didn’t see any color change and was a bit disappointed.

    Cut to today. My backside is red! Burned, actually. My face is red as well. Cheeks and chin are rosy. The interesting thing is that by getting burned I was able to see were the lights hit my body. I am bigger. Size 14 and I can see that the side of my body do not get hit. Guess I need to lay on my side next time.

    But I don’t really know what it was that caused the burn. Did I go for too long in the mid-level bed? Did I use a bad lotion? Was it the Ergoline vs the Heartland bed? Many factors in the air. I will be going in for a red light session today and will ask about this. The Tanning pro who was there yesterday is new and maybe she isn’t as up on things as the girl who is normally there. Also yesterday the pro was distracted by some vagrants who were loitering around outside the shop. It was dark and she was alone. So her mind was pretty scattered and she was definitely bothered by their presence there. Apparently they had come in about 45 mins before I arrived and asked her to use the phone. The whole thing was odd and I was glad that by the time I was leaving, they had finally moved on.

    Anyway, back to my burn. I am not sure how long to wait before tanning again. And also wondered if anyone had some feedback on what may have gone wrong this time.


  2. Angel brooke says:

    Wait atleast two days before you go tan again. I burned on saturday na d waited until yesterday to go back and i dropped my time back down so i would not burn again.

  3. Jaye says:

    Never EVER go to a tanning bed.

    There’s your solution.

    You’re welcome.

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