How to Find the Best Tanning Bed Lotion

Tanning was historically limited to the summertime, but with the emergence of fast and convenient tanning beds, anyone can now get and maintain a dazzling bronze tan year-round. Sprayed or rubbed on, you can self-tan right before bedtime and cleanse it off in the morning. Depending on the tanning bed lotion you choose, you may realize results very fast, even in the middle of winter.

So, which is the best tanning bed lotion?

Anyone who’s familiar with tanning knows how important lotion is to having a pleasant experience. While dry skin reflects UV light, moist skin readily absorbs it into the skin, and for the UV light from tanning beds to have meaningful effect, it must be absorbed.

The best tanning bed lotion is one that not only moisturizes your skin, but also protects your skin and replenishes the nutrients lost under the lights. It should also speed up the tanning process, extend the life of your tan, and make your tan more enjoyable, from the look and feel it gives your skin to the aroma of a quality lotion. These indoor tanning products can be applied either before or after tanning, because the tanning process actually continues for a while after each indoor tanning session.

Choosing the best tanning bed lotion

When looking for a quality lotion, you should start by asking a certified tanning consultant to help you choose the one that best suits your skin type, in order to get the best tanning results. Popular indoor tanning lotions typically contain select, natural vitamins and innovative ingredients, such as essential oils, natural plant extracts, and high-quality vitamins that are proven to unveil deep, rich tans and reveal superior skin care results. Common ingredients in the best indoor tanning products include:

  • Tyrosine: This amino acid enhances the body’s ability to produce melanin – the stimulation of melanin production is primarily influenced by UVB radiation emitted in the tanning bed. Tyrosine is also responsible for helping the body hold melanin longer by reducing the rate of exfoliation and replacing the amino acids. It is also claimed to have antioxidant properties, which implies that tyrosine lotions may help to clean skin pores by attaching risky free radical molecules to each other and exfoliating them.
  • Vitamin E: Like tyrosine, vitamin E is also used to help clear the pores, while the antioxidant properties of both help to combat certain signs of aging. More specifically, they work to stop the development of fine lines and wrinkles, especially on the face.

Other popular ingredients include copper, which helps to reduce the noticeability of unattractive scars and other skin flaws; and Matrixyl 3000 and Strivitan, which are used in cosmeceutical and medical grade skin care products to fight fine lines and wrinkles.

Products to avoid

It is important that you examine the ingredients used in skin moisturizers and accelerators before purchasing any tanning products, as some may contain substances that diminish, stop, or restrict your body’s natural tanning process. These non-tanning moisturizers may include:

  • Both natural and chemical SPF sun blockers that prevent the body from absorbing UV light during the tanning process.
  • Skin whitening and bleaching agents designed to reduce age spots but also bleach out tan skin.
  • Skin exfoliating ingredients that augment the skin’s shedding process to help reduce wrinkles, but also decrease the life of your tan.
  • Moisturizers that don’t contain tyrosine, which offers numerous tanning benefits, including helping to achieve a deeper and darker tan that lasts longer.
  • Lotions that contain ingredients like product dyes and mineral oil that inhibit UV dispersion, resulting in less UV exposure during tanning, and also damage the tanning equipment.

Tanning bed lotions that work

Indoor tanning lotions come in a variety of forms. Some are considered tan maximizers or accelerators, and contain substances that boost the effects of tyrosine, and others moisturizers, which aid your skin recuperate after tanning sessions. Other notable categories include:

  • Bronzers: Act as a dye on the top layer of your skin for more immediate and longer lasting color. Most contain diydroxyacetone (DHA) an active, colorless time-released agent derived from glycerin that gradually appears on the skin after tanning, producing a brown color change that can last 5 – 7 days.
  • Tingle: Also referred to as a hot action tanning lotion, tingle contains enhanced levels of natural vitamins and botanical oils that help stimulate micro-circulation, drawing blood closer to the skin’s surface. Melatonin in the blood gives the tanning process a boost by helping you achieve your tanning plateau.

Whichever indoor tanning bed product you choose, you can be certain to find a good selection of tanning lotions, especially with guidance from a certified tanning instructor. If you cannot find an instructor, the alternative I suggest is to check the feedbacks in Amazon and find the best lotion which suits for your need.

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