A Few Of The Best Tanning Lotions Reviewed

It is difficult to name the best indoor tanning lotions because most of it is really personal preference. However, we can help you find the “best tanning lotion” by looking at the products with the highest sales and most reviews. Even though new lotions come out every year there are some really good ones from one, two and even three years ago that still top the charts in terms of how many people keep using them.

Black 20X One of the all-time best selling tanning lotions is Black 20x by Designer Skin. This is an awesome bronzer tanning lotion that is so good most people don’t even try anything else after using it. It applies evenly, smells great and gives you a deep, dark tan within only a few sessions. Many swear by it and it shows by how many bottles are sold every day. If you’re a frequent tanner there is a very high chance you’ve heard of Black 20x.

Luminary Designer Skin also came out with Luminary tanning lotion in 2010 which is a 25x bronzer. This one is even more expensive than Black 20x, at $120 retail price, but technically has more bronzer ingredients in it so could be even better. Even though it just came out recently it is topping the charts in sales and the reviews that come back are almost all positive. I mean how could it not be a good lotion at such a high cost right? **Update: Luminary now exceeds Black 20X in popularity and sales – if you haven’t tried this lotion you are missing out!!

Smoke Black An oldie but goodie is Smoke Black tanning lotion by Supre. This has been out for years but it continues to sell like crazy and it’s hard to find a bad review of this product. It is much cheaper than the other lotions mentioned above which makes it more appealing to those on a budget. The retail price is only around $60 (yes, we said only lol) but you can also get it for about one-third the price online. There are a few different varieties of Supre Smoke but Black is the best one that contains bronzer ingredients in the formula. We recommend this lotion highly for beginners as well as seasoned tanners.

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Always remember that with bronzer tanning lotions you should wash your hands right away after you leave the tanning bed so that they don’t get those orange streaks. You should also wait a few hours before showering to let the bronzer do their job fully, you’ll get darker faster if you do this.

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  1. Lizagna says:

    Thank you for a knowledgeable article, and well written to boot. I have been an avid tanner for the last 7 years and only tan in the most expensive high-pressure beds. I have used all these products except for the Crystal X lines. I currently use Luminary and have for months and months. I am extremely happy with the results and I too purchase it from ebay for roughly $30-$40 at a time. I was a long time user of Black but I prefer the scent of Luminary and get constant compliments on how amazingly perfect my tan is. Every single day I do. I just tried Supre’s new lotion, Luxx Diamond 40x and really love it but not too sure if I’m digging the chocolate souffle scent it leaves behind. I’m not a fan of sugary confection type scents haha. 🙂 I recommend it though to anyone who is and its roughly the same price as Luminary. Just some thoughts I hope no one minds that I have shared. Happy Tanning!

    Carlsbad, CA

  2. Kate Rose says:

    I personally believe that Black 20x is the BEST BEST BEST lotion I have ever tried. I am all about bronzers and getting as dark as possible and fast so I usually will mix it with Devoted Creation’s Trinity which is also probably the best tingle lotion I have ever and will ever use. Between both of them I have always gotten the best color. I used them both a month before prom religiously almost every day if possible and I was the darkest I have ever been. I have tried Luminary once and I wasn’t as amazed as I was with Black even though it technically has more bronzers, I like Black’s smell a lot more than Luminary. They both feel great on my skin too. I recommend Black to anyone. I worked in a tanning salon and always went straight to Black for selling it and I never had a disappointed client. If you are going to use Trinity though I would cut it with Black or any other type of lotion because it is VERY intense at first, you definitely need to let your skin get used to it and don’t put it on your face. I did that, bad bad bad decision. 🙂

  3. ssquared1961 says:

    I tan year around and typically use two different lotions and switch off. I almost always use Devoted Creations or Designer Skin products. I have yet to find one I didn’t like. Right now I’m using Rebourn Couture and Luminary. Both of these are great lotions! The advantage of using two is that you don’t get saturated with just one color and end up looking orange from the bronzer of just one lotion. I also prefer a nicely scented lotion and find that both of these brands have some great scents. You really can’t go wrong with either of these brands.

  4. Amanda says:

    I believe that the Luminary is the best tanning lotion out there. I have also use the Black’s and Crystal X lotion as well but i did not like them as much. I only tan during the winter or before i go on trips as i do not not feel the need to tan in the summer. I do not know much about other tanning lotions but i think these are the two best for myself ! I usually use the stand up tanning rather then the lay down as it works better i believe.

  5. Emily says:

    I am a huge fan of Designer Skin. I aim for a natural, healthy looking “glow” vs. trying to get as dark as I possibly can. My favorite lotions are Designer Skin Epiphany (DHA-free, natural bronzer lotion) … great for getting that “glow” and won’t leave you streaky or orange… DS recommends this lotion for high-pressure beds, but I find it’s great in any bed!… this lotion contains anti-aging properties, it’s pretty moisturizing and it smells like Champagne & Strawberries (classy!) 🙂 ~

    I also like Designer Skin Phoenician (a dark tanning intensifier) – this is an accelerator lotion to help build a base-tan for new tanners… it’s part of the 2009 collection by Designer Skin, and it smells wonderful (fresh fig scent) and will definitely help get you a natural dark tan… this lotion is very moisturizing and also contains anti-aging ingredients…

  6. Tony S. says:

    I’ve been tanning (indoors) for a little over a year. I try to maintain my tan year round now. Has anyone ever tried the California Brand HD series? It’s one of my favorites right now. My buddy’s girlfriend introduced me to it. I use the HD Harlow with bronzer. It comes in a sparkly purple and gold bottle, not very manly to say the least, ha, but I really like it. A little goes a long way with this lotion. After one application I notice a deeper, even glow. And it lasts longer than previous lotions I have used. Smells really good too and leaves the skin soft and feeling hydrated. If anyone gets a chance check um out, pretty reasonable price too. 🙂

  7. Kendra says:

    When it comes to tanning lotion I’m so picky! I don’t want too much bronzer that I’ll become orange, I never thought I would find one I really liked. Then I came across this lotion called Beyond Black. It’s completely amazing. However it does have a very high intense tingle. But you get dark your first visit! It’s incredible how tan this lotion gets you. The tingle takes some time getting used to. At first it burns for about the first 1-4 minutes but after you become very used to it. It’s honestly the only lotion I use.

  8. Susanne says:

    I have been tanning for many years now. Luckily, I tan pretty easy; however, I do have my all-time favorite tanning lotion. It is by Bombshell by Designer Skin. It absolutely R-O-C-K-S. It has a very high sizzle and tingle factor and also includes a bronzer. The scent is white tea and soy. It is moderately priced and you won’t believe the incredible results. You don’t need to use the most expensive bed either. . . a regular bed works fine. You will notice your wonderful glow after your first time. I recommend that when you tan, you always use a tanning lotion and my recommendation would be BOMBSHELL.

  9. Johnette says:

    After trying many samples and reading reviews of which indoor tanning lotions do the best tanning job and help keep the skin healthy, I’ve come to the conclusion a lotion that uses a blend of Tyrosine and bronzers with vitamins, as well, seem to work best for me. I don’t tan easily so this combination is one I like. Captain Jack uses a powerful antioxidant to protect the skin as well and the collagen helps with winkles caused by aging. I would suggest trying this one.

  10. peggy says:

    i love designer skin,, one of my favorite bronzer by them is the Fortune. the Fortune smells really good. i have also use the the worship, and the worship me, they both smell really good. Spellbound is really good, not only does it smell good, but it’s really smooth. for tingle the one i have use the most is the Siren. the Siren is and tingle and a bronzer. the Siren is a mild tingle or at least it is to me. but my two all time favorite by them is the Siren and Fortune.

  11. Laura says:

    As a sort-of new tanner, I’ve been jumping around a bit trying to find the best lotion for me. I’m a little scared of crazy bronzers still since I’m not too dark and not always the best at application (oops!). I invested in Phoenician by Designer Skin and LOVE it so far. It seems like a great lotion to try if you’re just getting started- its natural bronzers work well with my skin tone and I’m getting compliments since I started using it! I think it will continue to help me get a nice natural tan. I even use it on my face every few tanning sessions with great results. Regularly, I use the hypoallergenic Saving Face which seems to be nice- I’m not sure if it really helps my face tan greatly, but it’s nice to feel like it’s staying moisturized and so far it hadn’t bothered my sensitive skin.

  12. Jacki says:

    I truly love designer Skin lotion. I have my own bed at home, so I purchase all of my lotions off line for a fraction of the cost. Worship Me is one of my favorites, and I also love 14 Karat Gold which i believe is also made by designer Skin. I really don’t pay attention to the makers I just remember the names 🙂 But those two are by far my favorite ones, There is also another one that I really can’t remember the name of I used to see it years ago I believe it was called mudslide or volcano something.. Like I said I am horrible with the names of them, but I usually just remember what the packet looks like.. 🙂 Anyways I have been trying to locate that lotion for years with no luck so if anyone out there knows of a lotion that sounds like that please let me know…

  13. Michelle P says:

    One of my favorite lotions is Glory by Devoted Creations. This lotion gives you a golden tan. I also love the fact that Devoted Creations has Strivitan which reduces the appearance of cellulite. Glory also smells very good, not leaving you with an after tan odor. I usually only tan 10 to 20 minutes per week and I keep my color for that length of time. You will also notice immediate results after tanning. I highly recommend Glory tanning lotion. This is also a very good lotion for tanners that don’t have time to tan for a very long time, but just want to keep a “bronzed look.”

  14. Nicole says:

    I can’t wait to try your products

  15. olivia says:

    I’ve been and experienced tanner for about 6 years now, i’ve tried every lotion imaginable and i have to say designer skin is by far my favorite company. All their products are high quality and i’ve always had a wonderful tanning experience using their lotions. I have to say my favorite is Luminary its great for your skin and the higher price is definitely worth it. It challenges my tan witch many other lotions do not and keep me at the same tan level. This lotion is very moisturizing and had a clean fresh smell. I sometimes get worried putting certain lotions on my face and this is an all around great lotion, i highly recommend and i’ve tried everything! you’ll love it i promise!!

  16. Rebekah says:

    I am an experienced tanner who has tried several brands of products. One thing that has always given me trouble is my face. I would break out from using tanning lotions designed for body, and if I used nothing at all on my face, I frequently would either burn or not get any color. Then I discovered Australian Gold Crystal Faces. It contains a derma dark blend, smells natural, and the application is very light and moisturizing without leaving my skin greasy or prone to breakouts. The price is moderate but I believe for the quality and results it is definitely worth it! A nice addition to any products you use on your body!

  17. Amanda says:

    I just started tanning for this year and wasn’t sure what lotion to use. I started out with Swedish Beauty Be Bold. I fell in love with this lotion! The smell is great and I love the tingle factor. I tell everyone about it. If you are looking for a great tingle lotion I would get this one !!!

  18. Melissa Martin says:

    I have always been a tanner in the tanning beds. I love all the Australian gold products and Swedish beauty. They are a little more expensive but they are well worth the money. Australian Gold awesome is a great product it helped me achieve a rich dark tan and so did the Swedish Beauty the year before. I recommend either one of these.

  19. PG says:

    I work at a tanning salon, and i love to tell clients about using lotion! I am a big fan of the Squeeze line, specifically the Black Cherry and the Dreamshock. From personal experience, Black Cherry is a wonderful bronzer that really helps to develop a dark tan! When I want to tan quick without having the tanning after smell, I like to use the Dreamshock.

  20. Shana says:

    I have been indoor tanning for approx 8 years and have used several different salons, bed types and intensities, and even more different lotions!! I have although, fairly recently became a tingle user (and HUGE fan I may add!). To all experienced tanners out there, if you have been tanning pretty consistently, and seem to have hit a plateau, don’t be afraid of a tingle! I can also confidently say that I have now tried all of the best rated tingles from all of the top indoor lotion manufactures (i.e. California tan, designer skin, devoted creations, ed hardy, most, millennium, ultimate, etc.) and that my personal favorite is Trinity T3 from devoted creations. This lotion is one of the most intense tingles I have found, and although it is not a new lotion, it is a silicone emulsion, so it’s great for, and feels great on your skin! And a warning to new tingle tanners, as I commented, this is an intense tingle lotion and should not be the first of your tingle adventures… Try a milder lotion first.. P.S. The smell of Trinity is my favorite scent of any lotion I have ever used since I began tanning!!

  21. Leslie says:

    I worked at a tanning salon for 4 years. I have tried all different kind of lotions; accelerators, bronzers, tingles you name it. I prefer to use a bronzer after I get my base tan and move up to a tingle for the best results. Tingles aren’t for everyone, only people with a solid base tan and with no threat of burning. I have found that the better quality lotions you buy the better results. When you go cheap on lotions you will get cheap results. Lines that I have had good experience with are Swedish Beauty, Australian Gold and my favorite Fiesta Sun. The Tini line of Fiesta Sun is my all time favorite, they smell great, give fantastic results with every use and come in a cool bottle. The only downside to them, the caps broke on every bottle (4+) that I’ve owned. I haven’t had any issues with the product itself. I’ve bought multiple bottles of Tabutini, Chocotini and Raspberrytini.

  22. Chelsea says:

    I have been tanning for 10 years and I personally have used dozens of different lotions looking for the one that will do the trick. I have found that the cheaper the lotion the worse off you are. I truthfully don’t like spending 100 dollars on tanning lotions but if it works then it works. I have found that California Tan’s CT7 is the best, it helped build a tan quicker than any other I’ve tried and it keeps my tan the longest. I love the results I get with it and will continue to use this lotion as long as they sell it!

  23. Chere p says:

    I have been tanning for about 2 years now. At first i was weary about it and then my friend talked me into it and i’ve been going ever since. I love devoted creations lotions. They all seem to be great! Ive tried gold digger and fiesta sun, but in my opinion devoted creations is the best!!! After about 4 sessions i was dark, and the good thing is i wasn’t orange! It smells great and has many bronzers that do the job! I tan at south beach tanning in orlando and there is about 30 different lotions, i’ve tried the top five and they are definitely not as good. Cheap lotions get you cheap results so go for the good ones even though they are a little costly.

  24. Foxy79 says:

    For years now I have been using the same lotion to tan with. I love it. It is called TAO. It has some skin firming qualities which I love. It always leaves me feeling tight after I use it. It is great for moisturizing my skin. It does not tingle or get hot. It is for dark tanning and contains dual Bronzers. It has an age defying and skin firming formula. It helps me go from white to dark tan in just a few uses. It leaves me with the perfect island color tan. There is no streaking or orange effects. I do not even wipe my hands off. It has never turned me orange even on my hands. I even use it on my face. It works great everywhere. It has a wonderful smell. It even smells good after tanning. It contains lots of vitamins like A,E,C, and avocado oils. Can not find anything I like better. Still love it.

  25. Brigitte, Pensacola FL says:

    I am very happy with your knowledge of indoor tanning lotions. It has been very helpful for me to decide the best indoor tanning lotion for me. I wanted a lotion with bronzer and a moisturizer to help keep my skin soft while exposing it to the tanning bed. I have purchased several different tanning lotions, and have noticed you get what you pay for. The better quality lotions you buy the better results I have gotten.

  26. BrittanyShea says:

    Growing up, we always had a tanning bed in our house. Considering my parents purchased it in the 80’s, it is a very basic bed that you can literally lay in for 30+ minutes (not recommended) without burning. My family has always preferred Swedish Beauty products and when I recently began tanning again after 6-7 yrs, I asked the owner of the tanning salon her recommendation for a Swedish Beauty product. She quickly recommended Irresistible based on the quality of the product and the AMAZING smell of the lotion post-tanning session. I am beyond pleased with the product. I do not feel the need to use a moisturizer after tanning and I do not have that “burnt tanning bed” smell. After only 3 weeks of consistent tanning I have amazing color and my skin is softer than it has been in years. I hate to keep emphasizing the post-tanning smell but in the past I would only tan after work because I hated returning to the office smelling like I had just tanned and with Irresistible I don’t have to worry about such. I would HIGHLY recommend this product to anyone that is seeking excellent moisturizer from your tanning product and eliminating the post-tanning bed odor!

  27. Burton_4 says:

    I am a very experienced tanner. My mom is a tanorexic lol and so I guess I was raised on it. My favorite line of tanning lotions by far is the devoted creations line. Currently I am using extreme situation and just finished a bottle of mirror mirror. Both are A*M*A*Z*I*N*G!! Extreme situation was made in dedication to jersey shore’s the situation. It is probably the lotion that gives you the darkest tan possible. I mean black black. Then, you have the new in 2011, mirror mirror. It is fantastic. Not only do you get an amazing and super dark tab, it has emulsions and ingredients that highlight your bust and gives your curves all the attention they deserve. It also eliminates cellulite. Mirror mirror has a dual bronzed complex so you tan in the bed and your skin continues to darken out of the bed. It is one of the only lotions with this type of bronzing complex. Both smell amazing. Extreme situation is a fruit punch scented lotion and it’s great. Mirror mirror has a smell fresh release and it is great because since it has bronzers, you can’t shower for a few hours after tanning but the smell fresh leaves you smelling like you just stepped out of the shower and not a tanning bed. Another great product from devoted creations is the bronzing facial lotion. It has tons of anti aging agents and feels great. Your face gets a tan equivalent to your body without the breakouts you get with using body tanning lotion on your face. Believe me, you will not be disappointed in any devoted creations product and definitely not in these.

  28. mech says:

    i have tanned for about 12 years now, i’m addicted! so addicted that i bought my own tanning bed! yep ..that’s right and i am very proud of it. recently i tried pyranamic blaze its wonderful, its goes on like lotion and doesn’t leave that heavy weight feeling. it has tingle and bronzers in it. It is reasonable priced. when i very 1st purchased it i thought i was gonna waste my money ..wrong, i have went thru 2 bottles and 3 of my friends has bought it because i liked so well. Supre tan products so far are the best that i found.

  29. sheila says:

    i would like to say i love the look and feel of your tanning lotion the one called risque ritual it makes my skin feel soft and radiant i used a sample of it and knew it was the right one for me i would like to thank you for this wonderful product and say everyone should try it.

  30. Trisha says:

    I have a hard time getting my legs as brown as I want them to be so after a number of failed products I found Dark Sexy Legs by Matahari. It is awesome! I had employees at the tanning salon stop me to find out what I was using to get my legs so dark. I recommend it to everyone.

  31. Bella Porter says:

    THE BEST LOTION EVER?!?! Is made by Fiesta Sun…its called Pink Pineapple Tini. It’s an accelerator and I SWEAR they have a hidden bronzer in it because I get the most amazing color from it in one use than I do with most bronzers. Now, I am not the only person to say this if they have ever used it. Just about everyone I talk tanning with who uses this gem RAVES about it. It’s price point is good, the smell is off the chain good-like pineapple bubblegum yum! The texture and moisture is nice. It has olive oil in it which is a huge plus and probably why it works so well. Seriously, in the 15 years that I have been tanning and out of the hundreds of lotions I have used, this one ranks as my #1 Accelerator. It simply does what others cannot. It delivers some serious color. I actually contacted Fiesta Sun to harass them about what bronzing agents were in it, they replied and said there were none. I am still skeptical, but I never fade out like I would from a bronzer and none is ever lost down the drain. BEST.LOTION.EVER.

  32. Annette Cumbee says:

    I have tried a lot of lotions and one of the best has been helix it made me so dark that ppl thought I had stockings on in the winter time ..lol…also another great lotion is Tattoo reg and hot ..I also like the new Black ….I am using Tattoo Hot right now…but I switch it up by using one then the other same goes for the tanning bed I do lay down then stand up…I love Tanning it is so relaxing after along day at work

  33. Amanda says:

    The best indoor tanning lotion that I’ve ever used was called “Just Peachy”. It was a cooling lotion (that actually COOLED…most others I’ve tried really don’t “cool” much) with bronzer and a delicious peachy smell. It is no longer available!!! Lately I’ve used most Designer Skin products. Mostly Spellbound and Secret Rapture. Both have amazing scents and amazing results!

  34. Heather in East Texas says:

    I have very fair, easily burned skin. It usually takes me a while to get a base tan using mild bronzers with SPF, and afterwards my skin usually only responds to tingle lotions (very complicated skin lol). My ABSOLUTE favorite lotion to use instead of tingle that works just as well if not better is Synergy Tan’s Filthy Rich Las Vegas Legs. You can use it only on your legs to get more bronzing action, or all over. It is a THERMAL bronzer as opposed to a tingle, which still turns your skin slightly red, but there is no itching or burning. AMAZING smell, skin-firming extracts, and a fairly cheap price compared to some lotions (around $40). My skin responds best to this lotion and I would highly recommend it to anyone and everyone!!!!!

  35. Brenda C says:

    I have used many tanning lotions to maintain my tan for a longer period of time but only two have worked great for me! one of them is the Luminary by Designer skin which is a 25x Bronzer! i love it ! its my favorite, i easily get a nice tan that last for a good amount of days! and my other favorite would be Raydiant by Australian Gold which is a warm tanning lotion. I have only tried two tingle lotions and this one is the best!

  36. Ryan S says:

    I am a fair skinned person and I tan in the summer or I would seriously get burned. I have not tried many lotions but the girl at my local tanning salon said i should try Moda Milano by Devoted Creations which is a tanning accelerator with no bronzers. It is at a very cheap price with a retail value of $50 and it works great. I have received a good base tan from this lotion and i would recommend it to tanners just starting out. The smell also smells like Abercrombies Fierce Cologne. Now that i have a good base tan I am looking for some tingling lotions for an even darker tan, but sure not what to get because i have never used tinglers before.

  37. Chasitie W. says:

    I am a casual tanner, only tanning a few times a week to keep up my color. I use the bombshell 100xxx tanning lotion and i love it! It is not for the new at tanning due to its extreme tingle effect but it works AMAZING! after tanning you become slightly red and itchy but it passes in an hour or so and a beautiful even tan shows through. you can see a difference after just one use! It has a bronzer in it so i do recommend wiping your hands off before getting into the bed but it doesn’t cause too much difference if you don’t. I really think this is a good lotion if you want an amazing dark tan, it also has a really nice smell to it so you don’t have that burnt skin smell after getting out. I can tan before work and go in smelling like bubble gum so the kids at work can’t even tell its lotion they think I’m chewing gum.

  38. Kain Andersin says:

    I Tan often, and I am a big fan of bronzers, and tingles. The best bronzing lotion i have used would have to be obsidian by designer skin. It is amazing i got a deep dark color in 7 sessions. It makes my skin silky smooth and smell amazing so i can go tanning then go to the movies or out to eat after. A tingle 🙂 i love them they get you TAN, I believe tingles are only for experienced tanners. There is a kinda burning sensation, its tolerable but it might be a little uncomfortable but for some it might be relaxing and soothing it all depends on the person. The tingle i use is Body shots by ed hardy it is amazing it has a lot of tingle and amazing bronzers. I hope this information is useful and i would recommend these lotions if you want to get a deep dark natural looking tan- Kain

  39. Heather R. says:

    Most people will be surprised by this but the tanning lotion I use retails for $8. It’s sold at Wal-Mart and it’s called European Gold Sweet Brown Dark Tanning Lotion. I’ve tried several different kinds from the tanning beds & I don’t see where they work any better than my cheap Wal-Mart lotion. I have never spent more than $40 on lotion so maybe the $100 lotions do work better but there’s no way I’m spending $100 on lotion no matter how good they work. It’s definitely worth you giving it a try and if you don’t like it, who cares! It was only $8 wasted!

  40. Tiffany H says:

    I usually start tanning later than most. In 2007 I became very addicted to laying bc I was getting married. I tried smoke. I really loved that lotion. Not only did it smell good but great results quick. So quick that my soon to be husband at the time had to start laying. Where I go now I haven’t seen the product. The more the bronzer I love. I have tried different things but the one I highly recommend is smoke and its not that expensive especially if u get off the internet.

  41. Tammy Hurt says:

    I am thirty-five years old. I have four children and have been married for fifteen years. So I let myself go big time, and focused on taking care of my family and a forty hour job a week. Needless to say that didn’t leave me much me time. I met a friend at a parent-teacher conference and I was like wow, I love your tan. She took me as a visitor and I sampled a lotion named LOVE JUNKIE it is a bronzer. At the time it was sold as number one. I had this indian red tan that was just stopping everyone. I buy it from the internet now cause products lose their shelving fast. It cost about 16.00 a bottle. When you apply it then tan the smell leaves a sexiness about it. It is like it bakes into your skin and believe me everybody will want to eat you up. I love LOVE JUNKIE. It needs to come back out on shelves. I don’t think it had enough time for people to try and use it.

  42. Jessica Rae says:

    I just started tanning a little over a month ago and I looked like casper’s sister! I used a lotion called ‘White 2 Black’ by Devoted Creations and the bottle says get 3 shades darker in 1 session. Which happens to be true! I applied a tanning sticker every time I tanned and could tell the difference from the first time. This lotion is great, but didn’t last me very long because I used so much and also it’s only a 8.5 oz bottle. Tanning salons sell this anywhere from $40-60 a pop, but if you shop only you can find a deal for less than $15!

  43. Ashley H. says:

    I have been tanning indoors for over 10 years now and have tried TONS of lotions. I find myself coming back to one of my favorites called “Bronze Minerals” by Australian Gold. It is a 6th dimension bronzer and has 92 enriching minerals that prep the skin before tanning. It is a uni-sex lotion with an apple fragrance so both women and men can use it without smelling like one sex or the other. I really enjoy this lotion not only for the immediate color it gives me but because it goes on thin and I am able to use this 9oz. bottle for a longer time than the thick lotions. This lotion retails for $79 in the salon but you can find it online for around $32.

  44. Giselle says:

    After juggling back and forth between a tingle lotion and non-tingle lotion, I gave in and purchased The OC Womanizer tanning lotion after my 5th time religiously tanning. I have to admit I was sucked into the pretty, sparkly pink packaging and blew the $40 retail. It was only until days AFTER I purchased Womanizer that I came across two tingle tanning lotions which caught my eye so I bought a sample packet of each, and I am now in love with them both-Cherry Bomb and Pink Diamond. After reading many reviews on both lotions while deciding which one I should purchase a bottle of, I think I am going to purchase a bottle of Cherry Bomb. Pink Diamond claims to only last 1-2 days, and I need a HOT tanning accelerator, which Cherry Bomb claims to be.

  45. nh, wa says:

    Im an avid tanner for going on 5 yrs and have found the designer skin collection to be the very best line of tanning lotion I have tried with an exception of almost famous. I usually buy the bottle with the most bronzer. I enjoyed black, 14 karat gold, and am currently using obsidian which its so far been the best. The only down fall is the price, I wish the price of lotions would come down tanning is already expensive I live in a state where we only get 3 months of sun and for some reason I honestly feel like it helps keep the winter blues away……

  46. Rachel Crum says:

    i have been tanning for many years now. i have used many different kinds of lotions but my favorite line of lotions have to be devoted creations and designer skin. i have enjoyed many other lotions like Obsidian, Urban Legend, and XOXO. i am currently using Paint it Black and it is AMAZING! i have not yet tried black and hope to soon try it. all my friends that have it tell me that it is amazing and i would LOVE to try it. i buy all my lotions online so hopefully i can find that soon !

  47. Suzanne S. says:

    I LOVE how I feel after tanning – especially after so long. I recommend to anyone who needs a “pick me up” to go to your local tanning salon – and spend 10 mins or so laying in some light. It will make you feel energized, happy, and like you are taking some time out for yourself 🙂 I just recently started tanning again, and let me tell you – it has made all the difference. I used a lotion called “Ex Appeal” and frankly I thought it was amazing. It gave me quick color, lasted, AND I even showered like 2 hours after tanning and DID NOT find my new tan to fade at all. I would recommend “Ex Appeal” to anyone who has not been tanning in some time who is looking for quick natural color that lasts without spending days in a tanning bed :). Happy tanning!

  48. Kali L says:

    I am one of those that turn a nice shade of orange when using bronzers so I use Designer Skin Phoenician and I love it!! it has an amazing feel and I great natural tanning look! It also doesn’t leave my skin with the burnt smell after tanning. I’m tanning for my wedding and I couldn’t have picked a better lotion!! apparently people even use it for shaving because of how great it feels but I wouldn’t recommend using a $100 bottle of lotion for shaving but hey to each their own!

  49. Layla Lee says:

    My absolute favorite tanning lotion is Bomb Shell by Designer Skin! It is amazing I am very pale and have laid in the tanning bed for almost over a year straight now and my skin is tan but not as tan as I want. So I started using Bomb Shell and it has improved my tan so much and is the best working tanning lotion I have ever used! It also smells great! The only negative comment I would say about it is that it is a tingle lotion but that doesn’t bother me but I know there are others who don’t like tingle.

  50. Emma says:

    I have been using LeTan tanning cream for years and I think its great I have tried other tanning creams but always seem to come back to this product. I have pale skin and some tanning lotions I find have made me go a little orange. Le Tan covers really well and gives a nice golden brown glow, I don’t get any streaks or patchy skin after using it. Its a great price too. I love it!

  51. Rodney says:

    Australian Gold ex appeal is great. Especially for men. No strong smell and the bronzers give instant glow.

  52. eddyvee says:

    I have been using smoke black tanning lotion since the day i started tanning. This lotion leaves you with the darkest possible tan you can get with no streaking and NO orange spots. I am way more then pleased with smoke and recommend it to anyone who indoor tans! As a pale person who doesn’t tan too well i get REALLY dark with this lotion! I love it! And i’m extremely pleased with the results i have received from it! Thank You Smoke! for giving me the best tan i have ever had!

  53. Audra says:

    I use More More More by Designer Skin and it works really well for me. I am redheaded and very pale, this makes me darker without burning. It smells really good and it is made with natural products so it helps with my dry skin. I would recommend this tanning lotion to people with paler skin tones and who burn easily. I am very happy with this tanning lotion and I would like to try others by Designer Skin.

  54. Chelsea says:

    I use Bronze Couture by Playboy. It makes me very dark and I love it. I have also used the tingle lotion by Playboy which I absolutely love! It is the lowest tingle that my tanning salon sells and it works great for me. I tan well but also burn sometimes, I would recommend the tingle lotion for anyone with a base tan that wants that little extra bronze boost.

  55. Melinda says:

    I use White 2 Black tanning lotion by Devoted Creations. This got me extremely dark very fast. I tan in Hollywood Tans high pressure beds, which already work amazing, and this lotion got me even tanner than if I were to go in with something else! I am extremely dark now and I love it! I literally did go from White 2 Black!

  56. Alexis Anderson says:

    The past couple of days i have used 5 different lotions. I have used trinity3, white to black, urban legend, next big thing, and body shots. Out of all five of these lotions I absolutely loved the body shots and white to black. Body shots is a tingle lotion and a bronzer and it gets you very very dark. But if your looking for a non tingle lotion white to black is an excellent bronzer. You can go three shades darker in one session and to me, that is pretty good. I hope these lotions will help you achieve your tan you have always wanted – Alexis

  57. bridget says:

    I have tried so many lotions over the years in my search to find the best most effective lotion ever. I finally found one that works better than any other. Black 20X makes my skin so soft, smells amazing and makes me have the best dark bronze tan I have ever had in my life. Don’t even bother with any other lotion buy this one you won’t be disappointed.

  58. Stacy says:

    I haven’t used a tanning bed in over 3 years, I’m pretty fair skinned. I was hesitant to spend so much money on the tanning lotions they sell in the salon so I tried a packet of Black 20X. I was amazed by how dark I looked after a 7 min. session. I immediately went home and purchased a bottle on Amazon. My face usually breaks out from lotions but this one hasn’t done that to me. I totally recommend this lotion!!

  59. Christina says:

    I have been tanning for years, I have tried a lot of tanning lotions including tingling ones. I hate to buy bottles from the salons cause they are so expensive and I don’t know if their any good so I usually rotate from bronzers and tingle so I really don’t know which one gets me the darkest. I am looking for any good suggestions on which one is the best because I don’t want to keep throwing away my money.

  60. Kaila says:

    I really love Jergens Natural Glow. I have used many different tanning lotions in the past, and sometimes the lotion had made my skin quite orange and not natural looking. I’ve tried going to the beach, but sometimes my skin tends to burn a little, and Jergens gives me a nice quick tan, making it a lot more convenient for me. I really suggest using Jergens Natural glow; it has made me a lot darker, but not orange, and is very affordable compared to many other lotions. Hope this helped. 🙂

  61. Katherine says:

    I just started tanning and have tried two different lotions so far. I have tried Dangerously Dark and Smile you’re Tan. I like the second one better than the first one. It had a smoother feel when applied on the skin but I didn’t notice much of a difference other than that. I have heard good reviews on the Black 20x so I may try that before spending so much money on a full bottle. Also the smile you’re tan has a nice smell to it but I can’t give it 4 stars or 2 thumbs up.

  62. Ray samuels says:

    I’ve tried different tanning lotions before like love junkies which went on greasy and I also used paint it black which was much better but made me look a little pale. I want to try designer skin black 20x. I’ve heard great things but I’m hoping it doesn’t make me look like I’m wearing something… Like a cover up affect. I want it to appear as natural as possible with leaving my skin smooth and with nice color.

  63. rina says:

    I bought Designer Skin Luminary at the tanning salon for $90 (i don’t know what i was thinking) but it works great. Its leaves your skin dark and luminous. It went on really smooth and was not greasy at all. It smells like champagne too. You can buy it online for a lot cheaper, I definitely recommend it. Paying more than $70 retail for a bottle of tanning lotion is not worth it. The bottle it comes in is really cute too, it lights up.

  64. Annizle says:

    I’ve worked at a tanning salon for two years and my favorite lotions are rebourn couture, black 20xx bronzer, luminary, and baroque. Baroque is the best I’ve used though!!! Great smell and great results. The smell is amazing and it gets me really dark. All of the lotions I listed go on very smoothly and I would recommend all of them!

  65. Denise Harmon says:

    One of my favorite lotions is Take Olive Me. Leaves your skin feeling wonderful…. Also the new Devoted Creations Royalty seems to be a really good one and it is silicone based so it makes your skin look and feel nice.

  66. Shannon says:

    My Sister-in-law recommended Millennium Solid Black after I asked her how she got so dark, so fast. She swears by it! I’m going to try it….especially now after seeing all of the positive reviews. I also like that it is gentler on sensitive skin. I have always been a “tanner” but always shy of lotions….I am very, very excited to try it and I cannot wait to see the great results! Thank You!

  67. Stephanie says:

    I use Designer Skin Luminary and I absolutely love it. I use it in the tanning bed, outside and as a sunless tanner. It works great for all three applications. It smells really good, and you don’t have that funky “after tanning bed” smell, which is important because I tend to tan at lunch and then go back to work. I bought it for half price; that’s the only drawback to this stuff. It’s very expensive.

  68. Sandi says:

    Designer Skin Luminary! I love it! My daughter introduced me to it and I can’t find it anywhere other than online! I tried it and loved the dark tan it gave me. I didn’t get that hint of orange that I always got from all of the other brands I have tried in all my years of tanning… It’s a wonderful product! You got to try it too! You will love it as much as I do! It is hands down, the best.

  69. Heather says:

    I have used Smoke Black by Supre. Considering that it doesn’t fall too far behind Designer Skin products, the price is really reasonable. It smells pretty good and it doesn’t leave you sticky after tanning like some of the cheaper brands do. I have tried several different lotions over the past few years and in my opinion it is one of the best. I also have pretty sensitive skin and a lot of lotions make my face break out. I’ve never had that problem with Supre products!

  70. Anonymous says:

    In 2004 y2 dark was the tanning lotion that I used but now you cant find it anywhere not even online so now I’m looking for a new tanning lotion and not sure what I want to use since I haven’t really tried anything other than that and i don’t really like the bronzer in the lotion cause then you have an orange tint I like the tingle factor lotion myself but I am willing to try anything.

  71. Sean says:

    This year me and my wife have tried many different lotions, hellbent, hdmann and smoke black, smoke black seems to work very well, I noticed a darker shade just after two applications, I highly recommend it to everyone, I really want to try the number one on your list the Luminary by designer skin, I have heard alot of great things about it, but at the salon it is VERY pricey….but anyways me and my wife love this web site and how you rank top ten lotions, its very helpful. Thanks

  72. Sue says:

    I have tried different lotions, but none listed above. One of my first experiences was with Swedish Beauty’s Sinful. I tell you what…if you want to come out of the booth looking like you’ve been baking in the sun, this is for you. It REALLY tingles and gives me a reddish glow, but it turns to tan within a couple hours. I like to see immediate results…not come out and see a slight tan after a few hours, so I like this. Since it tingles SO much, I don’t use it on my face; but I do liberally apply it to my feet and the tops of my hands (after I’ve done applying lotion elsewhere) to get the maximum benefit. I will sometimes mix it with another tanning lotion, if I don’t want to much tingle that day.

  73. Jessica says:

    Been tanning for about a year now and have tried different lotions and samples. My favorite so far has been Devoted Creation’s White 2 Black and I loved the results, it really made me darker the quickest. But I ran out and was looking to try a new lotion when the lady at the salon recommended Luminary but I wasn’t about to shell out around 100 bucks. So seeing that it was number one rated here I bought a bottle on ebay and am looking forward to the results!

  74. Ashley mcdowell says:

    i have been tanning for a few years and have tryed many different loton my favorite so far is swedish beauty i like the way it feels and how it makes my skin look i have never tryed a cooling lotion but have had friends tell me i should because swedish beauty sometimes is a little to hot for my face and i think a good cooling lotion would be great for me to try.

  75. Melissa Miller says:

    I have tried many,many lotions and I have to say I have a Few favorites.My number one right now is Island princess this is a great bronzing tanning lotion.I see No reviews for it but it is great.I’m pale as casper the friendly ghost come January so I need something that really works.I find that Fiesta Sun optimus gives Great color leave it on all night and bam what color you will have.It sells in a 6.7 ounce bottle which is not fair it should be much bigger.I also give big props to paint it black a very affordable lotion.Phoenician is great and luxurious love the silky soft feel of it.I hope this is to help to all the tanners out there confused like I once was but not anymore.

  76. charmaine says:

    Im trying to get a tan but I have a problem I stay inside of my house most of the day I really don’t were shorts that much because I feel to white when I was younger I had a perfect tan now I don’t I wanna know what’s would work for me and it wont cause any damage to my skin I don’t wanna look like a orange I wanna have a beautiful glow color I just really their is something out for me and don’t cost alot I want to be tan so bad but I don’t wanna go to the tanning beds so im going to keep trying out different thing

  77. Amberley says:

    I love all these products!!! I am half Irish and Italian its takes me a little while to get a great tan but with these great tan products! I get easier and faster results. It looks so natural.

  78. Candy says:

    I love lotions that tingle, my all time favorite is carmel spice. But they keep coming out with more.

  79. luis123 says:

    I thought this article was good in describing some of the most sold items. I hope to try one of them out! I have only tried three different types, one left rashes, the other was ok. The third type i have only used as a sample (Luxx 50x bronzer) it seemed to work well. Wish you had it. I am going to try one of the ones that you recommend though. Thanks for the review and the free sample!

  80. janine mahoney says:

    i absolutely love ed hardy hollywood tan & i’m currently using love drunk & untaimed heart by pro tan i love the color i’ve always got from the ed hardy lotion & now that i’m out of it i’m using the pro tan lotions & so far i have gotten daily complements about how dark i am i go tanning almost every other day & i absolutely study what color i am achieving off tanning bronzing lotions & these have been the best for me but i have one secret i mix them all with a quarter size drop on each body part with t1 tingle power of swedish beauty t 1 tingle with hemp seed oil!!

  81. Rhoda, PA says:

    So glad to see so many people taking there tanning as seriously as I do. thank you so much for this article I have been searching for my favorite lotion for the last hour to no avail. Designer Skin had a product on the market until recently , I really loved it and did not want to change. Finding your site and this article as just made my choices a bit easier to make given the information you provide here. I look forward to reading more of your articles and gaining even more useful information. thanks.

  82. Paige says:

    I recently tried Black by designer Skin, I payed half the price by purchasing online (it sells for 100$ at my tanning salon) . I have very fair skin, but I saw Instant results, and by the third time I used this product I got a pretty dark tan! that would take me so much longer with the crappy cheap lotion I was using before, I cant wait to try more Designer Skin!

  83. julie says:

    i would have to say that my favorite tanning lotion is probably cherry bomb, they have since discontinued this lotion. i’m rather disappointed with this. recently i have tried several others, but none that have made a great impression on me. i like lotions with a lot of tingle! after reading these reviews i’ve noticed lots of people love this lotion black 20x, i will soon be trying this lotion. a lotion that smells good is a very important thing to me, who wants to cover them selves in some thing that smell bad

  84. Amanda says:

    i have to say that my favorite tanning lotion is the black 20x. I love it. It makes me tan so well and fast. I have used other lotions and this is the only one i have been able to walk out of the tanning bed and know that i got tanner and actually look tanner. I love trying out new stuff and seeing if anything else makes me look just as tan but i have not found one. I am willing to pay for a better lotion if i’m going to get tan because i have tried the discount stuff and none of it has worked and its just a waste of money for me. I hope to enjoy all the tanning lotions i get from now on.

  85. Jennifer says:

    I also agree that the more expensive the lotion the better it is. One of my favorites is the Ed Hardy line. I love bronzers in my tanning lotions I am a red head so its very hard for me to tan. The cheaper the lotion as far as bronzers go they turn you orange after a period of time. I just recently purchased the luminary by designer skin and I am totally amazed at how fast I am achieving the tan I have only dreamed of until just a few weeks ago. It’s incredible I give it 2 thumbs up. so if you want to achieve the golden tan try it.

  86. diane nelson says:

    i love the new jwoww

  87. 5foot3 says:

    My favorite tanning lotion is Australian Gold’s Satin D Sol, not only does this lotion smell good but it’s so moisturizing! My skin is always silky smooth and smell-free after tanning, which is a bonus! It also gets me super dark super fast. Satin D Sol is a bronzing lotion and I notice that after tanning I have a nice “radiance”. I have very dry skin and Satin D Sol has been the only tanning lotion that keeps my skin moisturized after tanning. Even after a few days, my skin will stay soft and I love that!

  88. Betty says:

    I am a naturally fair skinned person, but if I stick to it,I will get dark! An indoor tanning lotion is a must for the ultimate bronzing experience. I have tried several different lotions & accelerators, but the ones that seemed to work for me is “australian gold’s” Satin De Sol , & “Designer skin’s” GORGEOUS GAMS! They smell great, give your skin a hint of shimmer, & ensure a dark sexy tan fast!! Salon’s sell these top lotions at a top dollar price, but I have gotten the best deals here!! On average I think I get about 70% off from the in store price! You can’t beat it!

  89. Mia says:

    The first and best tanning lotion that I have tried is the Australian Gold Accelerator lotion. I tan really well, so having the fact that it doesn’t contain a bronzer doesn’t matter for me. It smells so amazing before AND after you tan so you don’t leave the tanning bed with that “baked skin and sweat” smell. I never hesitate putting this lotion on my face. My skin is on the more oily side and I don’t break out from it at all. It’s pretty cheap too; you can find it online for around $8, which is a GREAT price for any lotion.

  90. lm says:

    I have been tanning for a long time now, and I have tried alot of different lotions. I would have to say I have a few favs, but Australian Gold Black has to be my top. I dont like tingle lotions or lotions with to much bronzers, and this lotion gives just the right amount of bronzer. I feel I get the darkest when I use this, and athough my bottle was done awhile ago I do still buy the packets from time to time, and plan on buying a new bottle in the future, it also is not to expensive so it works out well.

  91. Chancey says:

    I thought this would be easy for me but it was really hard to pick my favorite lotion. I am fairly new to indoor tanning but I’m already hooked. I love trying new lotions I guess cause I haven’t found one that I totally love yet so I’ll just give ya a list of a few of the ones I like so far. I like 3 brands the best and they are Millennium, Supre, and Designer Skin. I think Supre is my favorite brand though. I really like Millennium’s Insanely Black 60 x’s bronzer and MEGA tingle. Its really hot the first few times I used it but after a while I stopped noticing the tingle but the color kept getting me darker which I loved. I also like Designer Skin’s Hero Worship, it left my skin so silky soft and I used it as a moisturizer as well as a tanning lotion. I really like almost the entire Supre line but 1 of my favs right now is Hippie Chick. Its got a great shimmer to it and it has gotten me really dark. I got a sample pack of Street Diva which I totally loved but I can’ t find it in a full size bottle except for in a tingle if anyone has found it without a tingle please let me know where. I found 1 on ebay but kind of scared to order lotions off of ebay. I have heard horror stories about people getting ripped off and there being stuff other then lotion in the bottles. I have ordered lotion from there a while back and it seemed fine but not sure if I should again. Has anyone gotten ripped off or anything from ordering lotions from ebay or the internet in general?

  92. JessicaLeighx3 says:

    I really love the “Australian Iced Cream”, tanning lotion. It works super fast on my skin. My skin was really white and I would not see results til the 5th time of tanning for 15 minutes in a tanning bed when I started. I used something cheap from the dollar store. And then my 12th grade prom, I used the “Australian Iced Cream”, tanning lotion and I saw huge results within my first session. I did not go tanning for months and months before prom came around that very month. So, I really love the “Australian Iced Cream”, tanning lotion for that. Also, It does not make my skin orange or leave a horrible smell. The next product I want to try and looks very tempting to buy is, “Designer Skin Luminary Bronzer”, tanning lotion. I bet that one would be another great product that will be worth buying!!

  93. Sasha Lynn says:

    Lotions need NOT be expensive to be effective. Read the ingredients and find what works for your skin and type. Marketing people LOVE the gullable ones that insist that Price guarantees Quality, it doesn’t. I prefer the Matahari line and definitely avoid the Tingle Factor ones. They are annoying to my skin and produce blotches. Going to try the Supre Brand as I got a Free bottle at sign up from a tanning facility! Love the article and appreciate the opinions here!

  94. Darian Melissa says:

    I love the lotion Torch because it has a strong tingle. All websites I’ve came across have mentioned the ones above so I probably will try and find them online. Craigslist actually has Luminary for $20!!! I tan basically 3 times a week for 25 minutes all year round so I think investing money into a good tanning lotion is well worth it. !

  95. Ashley says:

    I have tried the expensive Designer Skin brands and many other high end lotions, but I always come back to OC products. I started using the original OC about 5 years ago and I cannot put it down. Not only does it smell amazing, but the bronzers leave you glowing and moistureized. I do not get the same color as I do with OC. I just bought Show Stopper and cant wait to try it.

  96. Elizabeth says:

    This is my review of Hoss Sauce Ultra Dark Ultimatum 296x. Dont be fooled by the high price of this lotion. It is not as good as the reviews i read before i bought it I was so excited to recieve it and use it thinking i was going to get so tan well unfortunately for me i have already met the famous “tanning plateau” and just knew this lotion would break it since every other review said they jumped at;east 2 shades with the first use well i had mistaken after spending $152 on it i have not gotten any darker. The smell reminds me of bubblicious watermelon flavor gum then after tanning you can still kinda smell it but then it turns into a musky like smell. Just after 4 uses of this lotion i am already SICK of the smell it makes me want to vomit. i even tried sticking a tanning sticker on my already tan skin to see if i got any darker from it to make sure it wasnt just me and no luck. I am american indian, Irish and british i would say i have a medium skin tone and this did not work for me. I do have to say it did manage to tan my face that was not getting any tanner and thats about it.

  97. Agripina Futrell says:

    Great information 🙂

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