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Designer Skin BombShell 100XXBronzer Review

Although we’re getting closer to the end of summer time, this doesn’t mean that you can’t rock a dark tan that will literally turn heads. Indoor tanning has become even more popular than outdoor tanning, and with such a wide

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Interested in Sunless Tanning? Here Are 5 Tips That Will Help You Get Better Results

Every woman deserves to look and feel beautiful all year round. Instead of shiny and sophisticated jewelry that can weigh you down, why not choose a lovely tan that can turn heads? Tanned skin is the hottest accessory you can

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Tanning Salon 101

If you’ve set foot in a tanning salon before, then you certainly know the hard sell: you can get a bottle of tanning lotion or accelerator for upwards of $60, a “package” of tans that will keep your skin beautifully

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JWOWW One and Done Tanning Lotion Review

In the world of tanning, Jenni “JWOWW” Farley is a poster girl for a year-round healthy glowing tan. During and after the popular run of the Jersey Shore reality show, many tanners have clamored to know the secrets of her

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6 Proven Benefits of Indoor Tanning

These 6 proven benefits of indoor tanning support the belief that it’s not only safe to tan indoors – it’s healthy! UV light is crucial for every human’s overall optimum well-being. Yet, it’s now widely known and accepted that outdoor

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Indoor Tanning Association 101

In the last year of the 20th century, the indoor tanning Association (ITA) was established for the purpose of protecting the freedom of people who want to get a suntan using either artificial light or the natural rays of the

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Australian Gold Cheeky Brown Accelerator Tanning Lotion Review

With dozens of tanning lotions on the market, selecting the right one for you can be a challenging task, especially if you have never used one before and aren’t very knowledgeable about what a good lotion should be formulated with.

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Tanning Stickers: A Quick and Easy Way to Show Off Your Bronzed Body

09If you are a frequent tanner, then you have certainly heard about tanning stickers at least once, wondering what they could possibly be. Since many tanning lotions make regular tattoos fade with time, why not go for a tanning decal

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Complete Guide on Bronzer Tanning Lotions

When you start looking for a tanning lotion, you are bound to find dozens of products claiming to provide a superior tanning experience and drive tan into darkness. Bronzer tanning lotions are a popular choice for tanners who want to

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Fake Bake Flawless Review

Bronzer tanning lotions are oftentimes the best solution for tanners who can’t stand the tingling, burning sensation given by tingle lotions. In addition to providing fast results, bronzer lotions are also formulated with quality ingredients that gradually darken your skin,

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