Designer Skin BombShell 100XXBronzer Review

BombShell 100XXBronzerAlthough we’re getting closer to the end of summer time, this doesn’t mean that you can’t rock a dark tan that will literally turn heads. Indoor tanning has become even more popular than outdoor tanning, and with such a wide range of indoor tanning lotions to choose from, you too can get a rich tan in a relatively short time.

The Designer Skin BombShell 100XXBronzer is – just as its name suggests – a bombshell bronzer that works from within, accelerating blood flow and activating UV receptor cells to help your skin darken beautifully. Enriched with antioxidants and natural plant extracts, this bronzer will keep things sizzling all through your tanning session.

Keep reading our Designer Skin BombShell 100XXBronzer review to find out more about this product, and what you can expect from using it.


Ultra-Extreme Sizzle Formula with Tingle Action

One of the things you’re going to love about this Designer Skin bronzer is its ultra-extreme sizzle formula. Unlike regular bronzers, this product is formulated with ingredients that accelerate blood flow and activate UV receptor cells. When exposed to ultraviolet radiation inside a tanning bed, the UV receptor cells capture the light and start producing melanin, which in turn causes your skin to turn darker.

The bronzer causes an extremely intense tingling sensation, and many customers have reported it to be even more intense than some specialty tingling lotions. Designer Skin clearly states that the product should be used specifically by seasoned tanners due to the intensity of the tingle. That’s because it will make your skin feel like it’s burning, creating discomfort – and if you’re not used to this, then you’ll probably want to take the bronzer off your skin right after you’ve applied it.

If you already have a base tan, then one application will be enough to get really dark during your first tanning session. If not, then you may need at least two sessions to achieve the desired results.


Enriched with Antioxidants and Plant Extracts for Soft, Smooth Skin

One of the biggest complaints tanners have about indoor tanning is the fact that their skin tends to become dry, dull and harsh when exposed to ultraviolet radiation. While applying a moisturizer can help prevent such unfortunate side effects, this can interfere with the efficiency of the bronzer, affecting the rate at which your skin darkens.

Luckily, the Designer Skin BombShell 100XXBronzer is enriched with antioxidants and plant extracts including white tea extract, soy and co-enzyme Q10 (CoQ10), which shield the skin against the harmful effects of ultraviolet exposure and moisturize the skin, all without interfering with the tanning process. At the same time, the bronzer’s formula will also allow for even tanning, thus preventing splotches that may make your perfect less than perfect.


Exotic, Sweet Fragrance Before and After Tanning

The Designer Skin BombShell 100XXBronzer has an exotic, sweet watermelon-kiwi fragrance that will keep your skin smelling absolutely great. Unlike other bronzers, the smell will still be very noticeable after your tanning session is over, giving your look a fresh, tropical island-like vibe. Subtle and feminine, the fragrance of this bronzer will definitely be an excellent replacement for your usual perfume.

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The Good

  • Ultra-extreme sizzling formula accelerates blood flow and activates UV receptor cells to allow for intense tanning;
  • Product is enriched with antioxidants and plant extracts that moisturize the skin and shield it against UV damage;
  • Produces a uniform brown tan with no splotches or streaks;
  • Kiwi-watermelon fragrance is noticeable even after tanning;
  • Results are immediately visible due to the bronzer’s tingling action;
  • Smooth texture facilitates application, even for beginners;
  • Very affordable – $25 around for a 13.5-ounce bottle;

The Bad

  • There is no mention of whether or not the lotion makes tattoos fade;
  • The bronzer won’t make your skin very dark if you don’t have a base tan already;
  • Tingling is very intense to the point it may be unbearable;
  • Not suitable for beginner tanners;
  • Tan lasts for two or three days before fading;


The Verdict

To wrap up this Designer Skin BombShell 100XXBronzer review – this particular bronzer does a much better job at making your skin get dark, but if you’re not an experienced tanner and have never used a product with a tingling action, then you’ll want to look elsewhere. If you don’t mind re-applying the lotion every few days, and can bear the hot, burning-like sensation this bronzer causes, then it will be the perfect option for you.

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