Designer Skin Indoor Tanning Lotion Review

When it comes to quality tanning lotions, the Designer Skin indoor tanning lotion brand is in a league of its own. Generally regarded by many as the best indoor tanning lotion brand, every Designer Skin tanning lotion is manufactured with your skin’s health and golden glow in mind. Read on to find out more about this industry-leading brand review.

What We Love About Designer Skin Indoor Tanning Lotion


Each Designer Skin tanning lotion boasts of having bio-engineered formulas that are specific to indoor tanning. Using premium ingredients that you won’t find in mass-produced supermarket tanning lotions, the lotions smell great and replenish your skin’s moisture while giving you even and long-lasting color. To keep customers coming back, the Designer Skin brand also constantly introduces innovations on their tanning technologies while improving their already top-notch formulas.

Range of Products

There is a Designer Skin tanning lotion for every kind of tanning need! The Designer Skin manufacturer has made sure of that with the exceptionally diverse range of products they have. Whether you’re a beginner on a budget, or an experienced tanner who sees the value in investing in tanning lotions, Designer Skin has the lotion for you.

Clear Instructions

For those experienced tanners, you know that indoor tanning isn’t just a matter of slapping on the lotion and lying in the bed. Fortunately for beginners, the Designer Skin labels give clear and easy to understand instructions on just how much lotion to use and how to apply the product to get the best results.

Highly Favorable Peer Reviews

Whether you’re talking about scientific theories or indoor tanning lotions, what your peers say about something matters. A quick look online will show you that the entire Designer Skin tanning lotion line has glowing reviews from hundreds of users. Since very few of the Designer Skin lotions have negative reviews, you can purchase with confidence.

What We Don’t Love About Designer Skin Indoor Tanning Lotion

Lack of a Tanning Progression Line

Considering the wide range of products available under the Designer Skin indoor tanning lotion brand, it’s surprising that there isn’t a single line within the brand that is dedicated to those progressing from beginner to intermediate and into advanced tanning. While the celebrity endorsed lines and other collections within the brand are great, a line that guides users as they progress with tanning would be a valuable addition to the brand.

Lots of Fakes

They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery. That may be so, but a fake bottle of Designer Skin tanning lotion can be detrimental to your skin’s health. When buying online, you need read all the reviews to make sure that the product you are getting is genuine. Otherwise, purchase your indoor tanning lotions from reputable tanning salons even if they are expensive over there. So the best way to buy the products is in authority website like Amazon.

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Designer Skin Tanning Lotions You Should Try

There are dozens of indoor tanning lotions under the Designer Skin brand. If you’re a new convert to this brand, here are some of the Designer Skin tanning lotions you should not miss.

Luminary 25X Black Label Private Reserve

Luminary 25X Black LabelHailed by many users and tanning forums as one of the best indoor tanning lotions in the market, the Designer Skin Luminary 25X does not disappoint. Featuring a formula called the L.E.D. or Light Engaged Defiance Complex, this Designer Skin tanning lotion locks in the power of light to give you a rich, radiant, and natural-looking tan. Reviewers love the sweet champagne smell and the even and luminous medium to dark shade it delivers even after just one session.

Elusive 50X Bronzer with TanEntice Elixir

Launched in 2014, this Designer Skin lotion combines a groundbreaking 50X bronzer technology with a trademark TanEntice Elixir. This combination ups the melanin production and distribution in your skin which leads to a nice and even tan. Users also say that they feel the effects of the ChronoReset Anti-Aging Synchronization which claims to improve the skin’s function, appearance, and hydration. The long-lasting lily scent is a hit among those who love musky floral scents.

Black Legacy 35X Black Label Private Reserve

Designer Skin Bronzer Black LegacyOne of several items in the 2015 Designer Skin indoor tanning lotion line, this Black Legacy lotion is a continuation of the Designer Skin Black and Black Noir line. Users report an even tan with a great color boost that made their skin progressively darker up to several hours after tanning. This highly moisturizing Designer Skin lotion is great for those who love tropical citrus scents.

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With high quality ingredients, innovative formulas, and a stellar track record, it comes as no surprise that the Designer Skin Indoor Tanning Lotion brand is a favorite amongst tanners. Whether you’re just starting out with cultivating that glowing color or if you’ve perfected the art of indoor tanning, you can rest assured that each Designer Skin bottle will deliver top-notch results every time.

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