Why Not Buy a Discount Indoor Tanning Lotion?

Indoor tanning has become the simplest and most efficient way to keep your golden glow all year round – and as you have probably figured out, using a tanning lotion can make a dramatic difference in how successful you are. And as much as you’d like to use the stuff you use outdoors, tanning lotions have been specifically formulated to work in conjunction with tanning beds, so you need to spend money. The question is, should you buy high-end lotions that cost upwards of $80, or cheaper ones that rarely exceed $30 in value?

If you go to a tanning salon, you are bound to find a variety of tanning lotions to choose from, usually priced at $60 and above even with significant discounts. But if you search for a couple of lotions online, you can find hundreds of options under $20. If you like keeping your body tanned beautifully all year round and go to a tanning salon weekly, then it makes sense to invest in a discount indoor tanning lotion instead of a pricier one. If you bought a more expensive one, you’d need to use it sparingly so it lasts for longer, but that would only result in not getting the beautiful tan that you’re after.

Why are some tanning lotions so incredibly expensive, and most importantly, should you invest in one?

Fancy Ingredients That Drive Tan into Darkness
Probably one of the most important factors that make expensive tanning lotions stand out is their blend of ingredients. Formulated with “tingling” ingredients that speed up tanning by increasing the amount of melanin produced by the body (the pigment of your skin) and blood flow to the cells of the skin, expensive tanning lotions can drive tan into darkness. Moreover, these lotions pack special ingredients that ensure your skin of proper moisture and hydration, some incorporating even ingredients that provide a relatively low level of sun protection to reduce indoor tanning damage.

On the other end of the spectrum, cheaper lotions incorporate mostly skin bronzers, though they also have potent moisturizers in their formulation. But most of them rarely incorporate tinglers in their formulation, which subsequently results in significantly less tanning power.

In addition to the efficiency of the formulation, expensive tanning lotions are usually developed by chemists and scientists that have tested the formulation specifically to ensure that there are no side effects. Except for the tingling sensation, these lotions do not cause irritation, redness or potential allergies, which are common for cheaper and not as thoroughly patented (cheaper) lotions. High-end products also don’t fade tattoos away, which is important for women who have inked their body.

Streak-Free Tan
When using indoor tanning lotions, one of the biggest concerns women have is streaks. If not applied correctly, tanning lotions can result in streaks that ruin your tanned look, defeating the whole purpose of using one. Due to the poor quality of the ingredients, a discount indoor tanning lotion is far more likely to produce streaks, which is something every woman tries to avoid. Even though they moisturize the skin, the bronzers aren’t as potent, and since there is no sunscreen, you risk either getting a barely visible, streaky tan, or burning your skin.

This is not the case with high-end lotions, which moisturize the skin and help the body produce more melanin to speed up the tanning process. Many also contain silicone emulsions that provide a higher level of conditioning to the skin. Plus, the “tingling” ingredients ensure that your skin will be uniformly tanned, which is critical if you don’t want to end up trying to cover your tanned skin instead of revealing it.

High Profit Margin of Tanning Salons
Tanning salons will try to sell you expensive tanning lotions that usually cost upwards of $80. Even when discounted, you will still have to pay a minimum of $60, which is hefty. But if you go ahead and search for discount indoor tanning lotions on the Internet, you can choose from hundreds of products that rarely cost more than $20. The sale of indoor tanning lotions is part of salons’ business model, and the profit margin on these products is usually very high. The price is over 400% as expensive as if you bought a cheaper lotion, and many women dislike the idea of paying that much every month or every two months, since they need to use it consistently to achieve great results.

Last But Not Least I Want to Say
It’s no doubt that buying high-end products is the best solution if you want a beautiful tan and radiant skin. Keep in mind that a tanning lotion is something you’re going to use all over your body and it would be a shame not to treat it as it deserves, with quality ingredients that won’t cause any side effects. So don’t buy a discount indoor tanning lotion just only based on its cheap price. As the saying goes, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

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