Indoor Tanning Association 101

In the last year of the 20th century, the indoor tanning Association (ITA) was established for the purpose of protecting the freedom of people who want to get a suntan using either artificial light or the natural rays of the sun.

Today, the ITA stands as a representative of several thousand facility owners, manufacturers and distributors of indoor tanning products and services. Additionally, the ITA represents a number of support industries surrounding the practice of indoor tanning. Indoor tanning is a big industry and a large job creator. In fact nearly 150,000 people are employed within this industry.

The ITA Stays Abreast Of the Latest Legislative Developments

In an effort to maintain effective influence in the latest developments in the indoor tanning industry, the ITA follows legislative developments at state and federal levels nationwide that may have an impact upon the practice of indoor tanning.

Additionally, the ITA works in conjunction with state and federal authorities to create guidelines and limits. For example, in 2011 when some tanning salon owners followed the trend of replacing their UV emitting tanning lamps with red light lamps and advertising a wide range of miraculous effects, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) communicated with the ITA to set this problem to rights. For details, please check 4 Benefits of Using a Red Light Therapy Tanning Bed.

The FDA sent a letter informing the ITA that this switch was not acceptable because it in effect created a new product. Because of the ITA’s connections throughout the indoor tanning industry, it was easy for the association to quickly convey this information to its members and correct this problem.

As another an example of ITA communication regarding state legislation, laws governing whether or not people under the age of 18 are allowed to use tanning equipment without doctor’s authorization and/or parental consent vary from state to state. The ITA maintains and distributes accurate information to providers and consumers regarding these variable regulations.

The ITA Is Dedicated To Research & the Distribution of Accurate Information

In addition to providing leadership, guidance and communication services to indoor tanning providers, the ITA also works diligently to generate new and accurate research and to provide educational resources for consumers and providers. To this end, the ITA partners with a variety of interested and connected organizations and industries.

It is important to the association to promote safe and responsible tanning in moderation along with sharing information about preventing sunburn. The Association helps conduct research into the effects of excessive ultraviolet ray exposure from artificial sources and from the sun.

The ITA is dedicated to safeguarding clients of indoor tanning practices from excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays. For this reason, it gives guidance to indoor tanning providers regarding steps they must take such as placing warning signs on equipment and making certain that all operators are properly certified and licensed.

ITA Promotes Proper Training & Certification of Operators

Healthcare professionals have used sun beds for therapeutic purposes for a great many years. The equipment has solid medical applications when prescribed and operated by doctors, dermatologists, psychologists and naturopaths. It is important to understand that anybody who is in charge of the use of indoor tanning equipment should be properly certified and trained. The safety and health of the indoor tanning community is a top priority; however, until the late 1980s there were no regulations in place regarding use by those outside the medical profession.

The ITA is closely involved in making sure that indoor tanning equipment is used correctly and maintained in good condition. Because indoor tanning is so popular these days, the ITA understands that it is very important for everyone involved in this immense and growing industry to be well informed on the latest and most accurate information available. The Association is naturally dedicated to safeguarding the health of indoor tanning enthusiasts. For this reason, the ITA strongly supports and endorses proper certification and training of operators as essential for the safe use of indoor tanning equipment.

Safety & Clear Information Are the ITA’s Watch-Words

The members of the Indoor Tanning Association are professionals who hail from every job description and function within the indoor tanning industry. The Association provides leadership for these businesses and individuals and works as a liaison between them and state and federal government agencies. It is the association’s hope that these efforts will be effective in keeping recreational and cosmetic tanning options safe and easily accessible for individuals.

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