Indoor Tanning Bed Tips For Your Next Trip To Salon

In the chance that you may have never used indoor sun tanning beds or maybe you are simply looking for a few different pointers, this article should be your source in learning the proper ways to utilize this enjoyable and safe way to have that nice bronze tint to your skin. Here are some good tanning bed tips for your next time at an indoor tanning facility.

Always Prepare Your Skin

Bubble BathPrior to tanning, always get your skin prepared by cleaning and clearing dead skin build-up. You want your skin to get the best tan that it possibly can, so you should always use some mild soap and warm water prior to tanning and if you can, a nice exfoliant. For an exfoliant, try using a shower poof to scrub your entire body and after you are finished with everything, use a light moisturizer to keep the moisture level of your skin high.

How Long Should You Tan?

If you just so happen to be starting out, speak to a knowledgeable employee regarding how long you should tan for. They should be able to choose the proper amount of time that will work for you depending on your experience level, age and skin tone. In a typical tanning facility, ten minutes should be an appropriate starting time for the inexperienced. When you are in a tanning booth for too long it could possibly create serious burns, the object is to start out slowly and increase your time in short increments to concluding around 25 minutes. If in the event that your skin begins to feel a stinging or prickling sensation, discontinue your use for that session.

Keep from Showering Afterwards

Try not to shower directly after tanning, you need to provide your skin time to settle in for at least 3-4 hours. If you do happen to bath, use a moisturizer to retain the moisture level.

Try to Eliminate Fragrances

Soaps or deodorants which use strong fragrances should be avoided prior to using a tanning bed. The chemicals which are used for fragrances can make the process of tanning take more time and they can also make the effort of the equipment more labored. The heat from the tanning bed can also create the skins ability to produce rashes considerably more.

Stay Conscious of Your Eyes

Eye WearAlways try to make sure that your eyes are kept perfectly closed and that you have an application of sun tanning cream on your eyelids. Typically too thin to be protected, the eyelids must always be covered with the appropriate eyewear. Sun tanning eyewear is absolutely mandatory at every indoor tanning facility, but they are usually provided. So you need to take advantage of them every time to assure the health of your eyes.

Be Cautious

It is a fact true that tanning indoors is as harmful to your skin as tanning outdoors. Having a good idea of your appropriate tanning time is crucial for the health of your skin. Some of the risks to worry about are skin cancer and sun spots.

Salon Products

The various lotions and creams which are sold in tanning facilities all contain compounds which are completely safe and beneficial to elevate your skins potential to brown perfectly. The particular products that are sold in tanning salons make for a good decision in regards to your money because they will shorten the amount of time to get your skin to the tone of brown that you are desiring.

Discount Codes and Specials

Commercial sun tanning salon and tanning bed facilities typically have different special and coupon codes that you can find either on your grocery store receipts or they may even be sent to you in the mail as a mailer which will have discount codes which come with mailers. Utilizing these types of free discounts and low priced offers are provided to give people within their communities a way to sample the various locations which offer indoor tanning services. Once you have finally discovered an indoor tanning facility that works for you, you will have the option to discuss future deals and discounts with an employee at that particular site.

Tan Right

By applying these tanning bed tips, you will know the proper protocol to ensure yourself not only the very best health while you tan but to always ensure that you will get the very best indoor tanning experience. Now you will never have to rely on the weather for all of your tanning endeavors.

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