Interested in Sunless Tanning? Here Are 5 Tips That Will Help You Get Better Results

Every woman deserves to look and feel beautiful all year round. Instead of shiny and sophisticated jewelry that can weigh you down, why not choose a lovely tan that can turn heads? Tanned skin is the hottest accessory you can “wear,” not to mention an extremely versatile one. Wear it with a denim boilersuit, an elegant pencil skirt, or your favorite in-your-face street-style outfit – whatever your tastes or budget is, tanned skin will suit them perfectly!

Unfortunately, self-tanners can be a nightmare to deal with since you’re so prone to splotches and orange streaks. Needless to mention, they can get really expensive, and the results won’t last very long. Sunless tanning is your go-to option when you’re looking for a tan that looks absolutely natural and doesn’t tell people that you’ve actually been to a tanning salon.

To make your experience as stress-free as possible and get the desired results, we’ve compiled a list of handy tips you should stick to.


Exfoliate Your Skin Before You Apply a Tanning Lotion

Your skin needs to be completely clean and as blemish-free as possible. Unfortunately, taking a bath or shower won’t be enough, as most dead cells will stay on the surface on the skin, not allowing the tanning lotion to work properly. But there’s a simple remedy to this: exfoliation. Using an exfoliating product is usually enough to get rid of deeply-impregnated impurities and dead skin cells.

A loofah pad is another good option, although it may be a little harsher to your skin given its highly abrasive surface. You can even create your own exfoliating product by mixing honey with brown sugar – while the brown sugar will gently scratch the skin to remove dead cells and dirt, the honey will deeply moisturize it, leaving it soft to the touch.

Once you’re done, use a towel to dry your skin, and proceed to applying the tanning lotion.


Apply a Body Lotion to Dry Areas (Knees, Elbows and Heels)

You want your skin to tan evenly. However, this can be difficult given that dry areas like the knees and elbows tend to absorb more products, and hence make your skin appear darker than the rest of your body. To avoid this, apply a body lotion to these areas to moisturize and slightly soften them. The tanning lotion will be significantly easier to distribute, and you’ll be able to avoid patchy areas that make your tan look unnatural.

Alternatively, you can choose to combine a little bit of your tanning lotion with your usual body lotion, and apply this mixture to dry areas.


Do a Patch Test

Certain tanning lotions, most notably tingle ones, can create discomfort. If your skin is particularly sensitive, you may deal with irritation and redness, not to mention that the tingling sensation may be so intense that you won’t be able to stand it. That’s why you should consider doing a patch test about 24-48 hours before applying the lotion and heading off to the tanning salon. If you encounter an allergic reaction, don’t apply that particular lotion, and instead try a different product or brand. If the result is beautifully tanned skin, then you can go ahead and apply the lotion without issues.


Don’t Shower Immediately After Tanning

Applying a tanning lotion doesn’t mean that you can take a shower immediately after you’re done. Most of the time, you have to wait at least 2-3 hours before you shower. In case of bronzers, you may need to wait about 5-6 hours; otherwise the product may start to fade, making your tan look rather bad. Always read the directions on the package to ensure that you won’t ruin your perfect tan.


Shield Tattoos from UV Exposure

If you’ve got a tattoo, then you should know that sunless tanning may cause it to fade. Most tanning lotions are designed to help prevent this, so you’ll want to shield any tattoos, and especially new ones, from this. You can either apply a patch on that area of the skin to ensure that UV rays can’t reach it, or apply a bit of sunscreen with SPF of 30 or above to minimize fading. Another option is finding a tanning lotion that protects tattoos from fading.


Sunless tanning can be difficult for those who have never tanned before. Luckily, you should be able to improve your results as long as you follow our tips. Check out the X [note: the number is to be determined based on the “tanning salon” article] secrets that tanning salons don’t want you to know, but can help you make tanning a seamless experience.

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