Millenium Solid Black Bronzer Tanning Lotion Review

MilleniumSolidBlackAs summer time is approaching, many women are brimming with excitement to ditch uncomfortable, thick clothing in favor of short dresses, flowy skirts, and cheeky cleavages. But more than a great outfit or a skilled hand with makeup, gorgeous, golden skin can turn heads. Intended specifically for tanning beds, the Millenium tanning new solid black bronzer tanning bed lotion is currently one of the best-selling tanning lotions on the market. Blended with extreme tanners and efficient moisturizers to provide an outstanding tan, this indoor tanning lotion comes with an auto-darkening technology that surpasses competing products.

Let’s take a better look at the Millenium tanning solid black bronzer tanning lotion review below.

Advanced Silicone Bronzing Drives Tan into Darkness

Millenium Tanning has been producing some of the most outstanding lotions for tanning beds over the past few years, and the solid black bronzer makes no exception. The lotion is blended with silicone bronzers that help the skin tan evenly for a glowing, uniform color that will certainly turn heads. The tan turns out rich and deep in just a few days, so you can always get a golden skin for any upcoming special occasion even if you don’t have time to spend on the beach.

The Solid Black Tanning Lotion is packed with a number of natural ingredients that have a moisturizing effect on your skin, so you won’t deal with streaks. These include banana fruit extract, walnut seed oil, pecan seed oil, sunflower seed oil, carrot seed oil, camellia sinensis leaf extract, as well as a number of other herbal extracts that will provide proper hydration to your skin. By intensely moisturizing your skin, this tanning lotion gives it a softer, smoother texture, and also help reduce damage resulted from using tanning beds excessively.

Good Consistency Makes It Easy to Absorb into Skin

The Millenium Solid Black Bronzer stands out through its relatively thin and non-greasy consistency that absorbs quickly into your skin. Once applied, the lotion won’t stick to the surface of the skin, and by the time you’re done tanning, it will be completely absorbed into the skin, so you won’t have to worry about getting it on your clothes. This helps ensure that your tan is even and doesn’t have any streaks or patches of color that may ruin your entire look.

Moreover, the lotion is easy to apply to your skin, and it will require very little rubbing before it’s fully absorbed into the skin. You will need to apply a relatively small amount of product to achieve a beautiful dark, which means that you won’t have to buy another bottle every week.

Fresh, Feminine Fragrance

On top of getting an ultra fashionable accessory (you guessed it: glowing, golden skin) that will beautifully complement any outfit, the Solid Black lotion will also give you a lovely orchid scent that’s sure to impress. The scent is not overpowering, so you don’t have to worry about smelling bad after applying the lotion. However, you may notice a slight burnt-after-tan smell after you’re done using the tanning beds, which we haven’t seen in pricier lotions.

No Tingle Lotion

Tingle lotions increase melanin production by bringing both blood and oxygen to the surface of the skin, hence allowing the skin to tan more naturally. Unfortunately, the Millenium tanning solid black is a no-tingle lotion – but this doesn’t stop it from providing excellent results. The tan that you’ll be getting is rich and deep, and it lasts for much longer than some tingle lotions. The only complaint that you may have is about your tattoos fading. If you have previously inked your body, then you will want to consider a different indoor tanning lotion that doesn’t affect the appearance of your tattoos.

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Pros and Cons


  • Blend of natural ingredients that don’t have any side effects.
  • Potent moisturizing effects keep your skin properly hydrated and prevent streaks.
  • Thin, non-greasy consistency allows the lotion to be quickly absorbed into your skin to help prevent staining your clothes.
  • Application is easy, and doesn’t require large amounts of product.
  • Has a subtle orchid scent.
  • Provide immediate results that last for longer than other lotions.
  • Give your skin a softer, smoother texture.
  • Affordable price value makes it accessible to all women.


  • No-tingle lotion means less-than-perfect tan.
  • Lotion makes tattoos fade.
  • Unpleasant burnt-after-tan smell after you’re done using the tanning bed.
  • No sunscreen: make sure to apply sunscreen before you use the tanning beds to prevent burning your skin.


While it’s true that the Millenium tanning new solid black bronzer tanning bed lotion isn’t flawless, it still remains one of the best options for tanning beds. The lotion produces a golden tan that looks naturally and doesn’t have streaks, not to mention that it doesn’t need a long time to work. Plus, results last for much longer than some tingle lotions, and the price value of no more than $20 in Amazon makes it affordable to all women who want to get beautiful, sun-kissed skin.

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  1. William M. Soriano says:

    Thanks for the review and I’d like to share 2 cents here. I’m an experience tanner and have been tanning for years. The solid black always makes me really dark no matter whether it is a 100x or a 50x. This indoor tanning lotion stands head and shoulders above the rest in the market. Let’s me give you a summary of this great product.
    1. Bronzer and moisturizer in the lotion
    2. Good smell and no tingle but really dark
    3. Decent price and reviews
    I noticed somebody complained about leaving streaks after using it but I have never met this. I guess they did not use it properly. For example, if you left the lotion outside for several days or applied it unevenly, you might get streaks. Apparently it is not the lotion’s fault but yourself. You just need to shake it up and apply it in the right way.

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