Must-Knows About Tingle Tanning Lotions

There are different types of tanning lotions on the market, and if you’re a tanning addict, chances are that you have used a few of them while out at the beach, inside the tanning beds or just rubbed a bit on to get the “tan” look. Of all types of tanning lotions out there, tingle lotions are seemingly the most popular – and rightly so. Perfect for expert tanners and those who want to achieve a natural sun-kissed look, tingle tanning lotions are your best bet if you need a quick tanning solution that doesn’t leave streaks. What are tingle lotions and what makes them such a great option? Keep reading to find out.

How Do Tingling Tanning Lotions Work?

Tingle lotions are the most intense type of tanning lotions on the market. When applied to the skin, the lotion increases the circulation of blood and oxygen to the surface of the skin, which affects the production of melanin (the pigment that gives your skin its color) in the body. The more melanin is affected, the darker your skin turns, thus resulting in deep tanning. By applying tingle lotions, you can boost the effects of UV rays you expose yourself to when lying in a tanning bed.

These lotions are formulated with Methyl or Benzyl Nicotinate, two ingredients that can bring more oxygen into the skin and increase melanin production in your body. This, in turn, causes a tingling sensation and reddening of the skin, which usually go away about one hour after applying the lotion.

What Ingredients Are Included?

  • Methyl Nicotinate: This is one of the two most common ingredients in tanning tingle lotions alongside Benzyl Nicotinate. It works by increasing microcirculation to the skin, exposing more oxygen to melanocytes, melanin-producing cells located in the epidermis. Exposure to UV radiation triggers melanogenesis, a process through which these cells produce more melanin and make your skin darker. Due to the intense oxygen circulation, tingle lotions will give you a tingling sensation; hence their name.
  • Benzyl Nicotinate: Similar to Methyl Nicotinate, Benzyl also increase microcirculation and expose more oxygen to melanocytes, thus resulting in a deeper tan. When absorbed in the skin, Benzyl Nicotinate opens up capillaries and causes the skin to redden, producing the tingling or burning sensation that’s specific to the tingle lotions.
  • Moisturizing Ingredients: It’s a well-known fact that good tanning happens when the skin is properly moisturized. In addition to methyl and benzyl nicotinate, tingle lotions contain moisturizing ingredients like black currant, white tea extract and essential oils in order to help the UV rays penetrate into the skin to retain the tan for much longer.

What are the Benefits of Tingle Tanning Lotions?

Tingle lotions have countless benefits that make them appealing to most tanners who want to get a natural sun-kissed look quickly and efficiently. In the first place, these lotions aim to create a natural tan by affecting melanin in the body, thus causing the skin to become darker. At the same time, the moisturizing ingredients allow for uniform tanning, which results in long-lasting tan that doesn’t fade as quickly as if you used bronzers or accelerators. Meaning, you can go longer between applications, which will dramatically reduce damage of UV rays to your skin.

Unlike other types of tanning lotions, tingle ones act from inside out, which means that you will never run the risk of getting splotches or streaks while tanning. This is a huge plus since you won’t have to be overly diligent about how much product you apply, hence simplifying the process at a great deal. Many tingling lotions don’t fade tattoos, which makes them perfect if you’ve gotten your body inked and want to keep your body art looking beautiful even when tanned.

Who Are Tingle Lotions Best For?

Many tanners give up using tingle lotions due to the tingling sensation it produces. While some say that the sensation is painful, others claim that it is very uncomfortable. If your pain tolerance is low and your skin is generally sensitive, it’s best to avoid tingling lotions since they can cause irritations and make the tanning process rather painful. Unless you have been using tanning lotions for a while now and have some experience applying them, you shouldn’t choose a tingle lotion.

Tingle tanning lotion are usually best for experienced tanners who want to get a natural sun-kissed look quickly at the cost of bearing the intense tingling or even burning sensation these lotions cause. They are also great if you want to protect your tattoos and prevent their fading. If you’re going to a party but don’t have time to spend hours on the beach, tanning lotions will be your go-to option.

Where to Find the Best Tingle Lotions?

No matter where you buy tingle tanning lotions, one of the important steps is to check the user reviews of the products to find the best one which suits for your skin. Amazon is the famous online store which has lots of tanning lotions for sale.

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Tips for Selecting and Buying Wholesale Tanning Lotion

Wholesale Tanning LotionTanning is very popular these days and as with most popular activities, it is becoming easier and easier to purchase high quality tanning products at excellent prices. In this article, we will discuss the various types of tanning products you should look for in order to have the best tanning experience. We will also share some information regarding the benefits of purchasing wholesale tanning lotion. Read on to learn more.

Most wholesale purchasers of tanning products are salon owners. They buy large quantities because they need a great deal of product to keep their customers happy. Because they are able to make special purchases, you may actually be better off financially buying your tanning products directly from your tanning salon. If they get an excellent price because of making bulk purchases, they may be happy to pass their savings on to you as a way of encouraging your patronage.

You may also be able to find wholesale-like prices by shopping online. Many websites catering to the tanning niche are also able to get excellent prices on a wide variety of tanning products. They may offer special coupon codes and other incentives to encourage you to shop online for all of your tanning needs. This can be quick, easy and convenient for shoppers who prefer self-tanning product or who like to do their tanning at home in their own tanning bed or backyard.

Which Is The Best Way To Tan?

There are three basic categories of tanning lotions:

  • Indoor
  • Outdoor
  • Sunless

If you like to tan at the beach, poolside or in your backyard you would naturally select an outdoor tanning product. If you’re going to a salon to use a tanning bed, you’ll need an indoor tanning bed lotion. For tanning that does not involve any exposure to ultraviolet rays, you would use a sunless tanning lotion or self-tanning lotion.

Today choices in tanning products vary greatly. For example, if you like to tan outdoors you can choose from a wide variety of products designed especially for whole body and/or facial use. You will also have a wide selection of sun protection factor (SPF) strengths to choose from. You can even get tanning products especially designed to protect and enhance your body art. For details, you can read the article Sun Tanning 101 on the site.

Tanning products also come in a vast range of prices. It really pays to shop around because if you can find top quality products at your salon or online at wholesale prices, you may actually pay less than you would for inferior quality products in a drugstore.

The fact of the matter is, there are so many choices in tanning lotions today that it can be very confusing to choose the right one. Be sure to read labels carefully and select the right product for the right use. Use outdoor products only when tanning outdoors and tanning bed products only when tanning indoors with the use of a tanning bed. Self tanning lotions are also intended for indoor use and do not provide any protection from the rays of the sun.

Top Tips for Smart Use of Tanning Lotions

You may be surprised to know that just selecting one favorite tanning lotion is not the best course of action. Instead, you should have a couple of good products standing by that are appropriate to your tanning needs and to your skin type. Alternate them for the best results.

To select just the right tanning products, read the ingredients very carefully. Be certain the products you purchase are approved by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA). Look for products that have a high percentage of natural ingredients. If you have sensitive skin, be sure to discuss your choices with your dermatologist or general practitioner (GP).

Before putting any product all over your body, you should always perform a skin test. Place a small dab of your chosen tanning product on the skin of your inner arm. Just above the wrist is a good place because it will tend to stay in place and not be washed off or wiped off with regular hand washing and other normal daily activities. Leave the lotion in place for several hours. If any signs of irritation occur, discontinue use of the product and talk with your dermatologist or GP.

Once you have found just the right tanning products, apply them evenly and carefully using a circular motion. This ensures smooth, seamless application. It also provides the benefits of light massage to your skin and muscles. Stimulating good blood circulation is a great way to have beautiful skin!

Purchase Your Tanning Products in Bulk

Once you’ve done your research and found a few good products that you want to continue using on a regular basis, you may very well want to buy in large volume so that you can get wholesale tanning lotion prices. If you’re on very good terms with your tanning salon, you may be able to convince them to order an extra case of your favorite product for you to purchase wholesale. If not, you might wish to follow up on the contact information imprinted on the bottle to see if you can get wholesale prices with a direct bulk purchase.


Review of Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden Tanning Lotion

Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses tanning lotionEd Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden Tanning Lotion is a luxurious tanning product made with coconut milk and coconut oil. It’s not just a bronzer! It contains tanning intensifiers that work by stimulating and increasing the formation of melanin to darken your skin tone to create a dark, lasting, golden tan. When you read the ingredients and the product information, you’ll see that this product is a lot more than just an indoor tanning lotion. It provides a great many benefits for your skin and your overall appearance.

The Many Pluses of This Very Fine Tanning Lotion

This excellent tanning lotion is highly moisturizing for your skin thanks to the high concentration of coconut oil and coconut milk. In fact, it is labeled as an “age defying” product, and it’s easy to see why. It leaves your skin looking and feeling soft, smooth and well hydrated. In addition to coconut oil and coconut milk, Coconut Kisses also is rich in a number of other nourishing natural ingredients such as safflower seed oil, cocoa seed butter, banana fruit extract, aloe vera juice, vitamin E, vitamin C and moisturizing glycerin. All these high quality ingredients work together for excellent overall benefits to your skin.

In addition to moisturizing and producing a gorgeous golden glow, there are a couple of other ways Coconut Kisses helps improve the appearance of your skin. This great product also contains a tattoo color fade protector, so it can actually help you get the most from your investment in body art. It not only protects your tattoos, it also enhances and brightens them and extends their “lives”. This great product also contains “BodyFit” an ingredient that helps firm your skin and reduces the appearance of cellulite.

There is one thing this fine product does not have! It’s important to realize that this tanning lotion is intended entirely for tanning bed use, and it has zero sun protection factor (SPF). When you go out into the sun, you should wear a sunscreen to protect your skin and the appearance of your tan.

Does This Tanning Lotion Turn You Orange?

The answer to that question is an emphatic NO! Remember that this product isn’t a bronzer. It’s an indoor tanning lotion specifically for use with tanning beds that actually changes your skin tone. That’s why users across the board report excellent results with a very authentic looking skin tone and no discomfort, redness or tingling at all. The authentic tan it produces is not just on the surface of your skin. It comes from within thanks to increased melanin production in the skin. Since there is no dye, there is no orange hue at all, and you don’t have to worry about the palms of your hands turning orange.

The Benefits Extend Beyond Your Skin!

Aside from delivering a great, genuine looking sun-free tan and lots of extra benefits for your skin, Coconut Kisses has a few other excellent qualities:

  • This fabulous tanning lotion has a wonderful scent. It smells like coconut and vanilla, but the smell is not overwhelming. It is light and pleasant.
  • This product isn’t greasy, sticky or oily. It goes on smooth (just like any high quality hand and body lotion) and soaks in quickly and deeply.
  • You will be happy to learn that along with all these exceptional qualities, this is also a cruelty free product! The company does not test on animals.

Enjoy Tremendous Value When You Purchase Online

Buying this golden tanning lotion online is a great idea because it’s such an excellent value. The 13 1/2 ounce size usually sells for over $50 in salons, but you can get it for less than half that amount with free shipping if you are a savvy online shopper. This is a great value, and since the product applies so smoothly and easily, a little bit goes a long way so your purchase should last a very long time, indeed!

Are There Any Downsides?

All in all, users report being exceptionally pleased with the purchase of Coconut Kisses. They say that the product is a pleasure to use, and the results are just fabulous. They praise the delicate scent and say that it makes time in the tanning bed pleasant and relaxing. Combine these great qualities with the fact that the product really improves overall skin condition and that it’s available at a fabulous price and it’s easy to see that Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden Tanning Lotion is a 100% winner!

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Designer Skin Indoor Tanning Lotion Review

When it comes to quality tanning lotions, the Designer Skin indoor tanning lotion brand is in a league of its own. Generally regarded by many as the best indoor tanning lotion brand, every Designer Skin tanning lotion is manufactured with your skin’s health and golden glow in mind. Read on to find out more about this industry-leading brand review.

What We Love About Designer Skin Indoor Tanning Lotion


Each Designer Skin tanning lotion boasts of having bio-engineered formulas that are specific to indoor tanning. Using premium ingredients that you won’t find in mass-produced supermarket tanning lotions, the lotions smell great and replenish your skin’s moisture while giving you even and long-lasting color. To keep customers coming back, the Designer Skin brand also constantly introduces innovations on their tanning technologies while improving their already top-notch formulas.

Range of Products

There is a Designer Skin tanning lotion for every kind of tanning need! The Designer Skin manufacturer has made sure of that with the exceptionally diverse range of products they have. Whether you’re a beginner on a budget, or an experienced tanner who sees the value in investing in tanning lotions, Designer Skin has the lotion for you.

Clear Instructions

For those experienced tanners, you know that indoor tanning isn’t just a matter of slapping on the lotion and lying in the bed. Fortunately for beginners, the Designer Skin labels give clear and easy to understand instructions on just how much lotion to use and how to apply the product to get the best results.

Highly Favorable Peer Reviews

Whether you’re talking about scientific theories or indoor tanning lotions, what your peers say about something matters. A quick look online will show you that the entire Designer Skin tanning lotion line has glowing reviews from hundreds of users. Since very few of the Designer Skin lotions have negative reviews, you can purchase with confidence.

What We Don’t Love About Designer Skin Indoor Tanning Lotion

Lack of a Tanning Progression Line

Considering the wide range of products available under the Designer Skin indoor tanning lotion brand, it’s surprising that there isn’t a single line within the brand that is dedicated to those progressing from beginner to intermediate and into advanced tanning. While the celebrity endorsed lines and other collections within the brand are great, a line that guides users as they progress with tanning would be a valuable addition to the brand.

Lots of Fakes

They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery. That may be so, but a fake bottle of Designer Skin tanning lotion can be detrimental to your skin’s health. When buying online, you need read all the reviews to make sure that the product you are getting is genuine. Otherwise, purchase your indoor tanning lotions from reputable tanning salons even if they are expensive over there. So the best way to buy the products is in authority website like Amazon.

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Designer Skin Tanning Lotions You Should Try

There are dozens of indoor tanning lotions under the Designer Skin brand. If you’re a new convert to this brand, here are some of the Designer Skin tanning lotions you should not miss.

Luminary 25X Black Label Private Reserve

Luminary 25X Black LabelHailed by many users and tanning forums as one of the best indoor tanning lotions in the market, the Designer Skin Luminary 25X does not disappoint. Featuring a formula called the L.E.D. or Light Engaged Defiance Complex, this Designer Skin tanning lotion locks in the power of light to give you a rich, radiant, and natural-looking tan. Reviewers love the sweet champagne smell and the even and luminous medium to dark shade it delivers even after just one session.

Elusive 50X Bronzer with TanEntice Elixir

Launched in 2014, this Designer Skin lotion combines a groundbreaking 50X bronzer technology with a trademark TanEntice Elixir. This combination ups the melanin production and distribution in your skin which leads to a nice and even tan. Users also say that they feel the effects of the ChronoReset Anti-Aging Synchronization which claims to improve the skin’s function, appearance, and hydration. The long-lasting lily scent is a hit among those who love musky floral scents.

Black Legacy 35X Black Label Private Reserve

Designer Skin Bronzer Black LegacyOne of several items in the 2015 Designer Skin indoor tanning lotion line, this Black Legacy lotion is a continuation of the Designer Skin Black and Black Noir line. Users report an even tan with a great color boost that made their skin progressively darker up to several hours after tanning. This highly moisturizing Designer Skin lotion is great for those who love tropical citrus scents.

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With high quality ingredients, innovative formulas, and a stellar track record, it comes as no surprise that the Designer Skin Indoor Tanning Lotion brand is a favorite amongst tanners. Whether you’re just starting out with cultivating that glowing color or if you’ve perfected the art of indoor tanning, you can rest assured that each Designer Skin bottle will deliver top-notch results every time.

Clarins Delicious Self-Tanning Cream Review

Clarins Delicious Self Tanning CreamPros: Clarins tanning cream is tinted with a caramel color to make it easier to achieve uniform application. The creamy consistency makes application completely dripless and mess-free. The tanning results begin to show within the first hour or so. There’s no unsightly streaking and there’s no embarrassing orange color while fully tanned or while it’s fading. It’s enriched with Aloe Vera and age-defying cocoa butter.

Cons: The cream can build up in lines and folds of the skin, producing darker areas where there is a heavier concentration of the tint. It feels slightly tacky while drying. In some cases, it appears patchy when it’s fading. The name can lead some consumers to assume that it’s edible – it’s NOT!

Clarins Delicious Self-Tanning Cream brings an easy, effective and safe self-tanning alternative to everyone who enjoys the healthy glow of a tan.

Key Benefits of Tanning with Clarins Delicious Tanning Cream

  • Using Clarins tanning cream lowers the risk of developing life-threatening skin cancer from over-exposure to harmful UV rays associated with outdoor sun tanning or the frequent use of indoor tanning beds.
  • The tanning results are incredibly streak-free and uniform when this product is applied correctly. The creamy consistency prevents messy splatters and drips and the caramel tint makes it easy to see any skin that hasn’t been covered yet.
  • The Clarins Self-Tanning Cream tan typically lasts a little longer, with a range that sometimes extends up to a full 7 days. It’s easy to keep the tan going far longer – simply apply more before it’s totally faded.
  • It doesn’t leave an unwanted orange tint during the tanning process or while the tan is fading.

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Questions Frequently Asked About Clarins Self-Tanning Cream

Q: Does it really smell like cocoa?
A: Scents are quite subjective. Some consumers describe it as a definite cocoa aroma and they absolutely love it! Some describe it as a chemical odor and they don’t like it at all. Giving it a try is the only way to discover how your own personal sense of smell will interpret the scent. It’s important to note that the scent dissipates rather quickly. Within a few hours, there will likely be no remaining aroma.

Q: How dark is the tan?
A: Most users describe the results as a medium, honey-golden tan that looks natural and healthy.

Q: Is it better to apply Clarins cream during the morning or prior to bedtime?
A: The only preparation necessary is showering and exfoliating the skin prior to applying the product. Deciding when to apply it all depends on your lifestyle and schedule. It’s best to apply it several hours prior to bedtime to prevent disturbing the even distribution of the cream if it hasn’t completely dried.

Clarins: A Trusted European Skin Care Brand

Clarins is a well-known, highly respected and trusted brand that has been evolving with innovative skin care products since its conception in Paris in 1954. The founder, Jacques Courtin-Clarins held the firm belief that beauty is an integral part of an overall sense of well-being. Consumer feedback was given serious consideration back then, just as it is today.

The company that began as the Clarins Beauty Institute more than half a century ago continues to research, develop and produce safe and effective skin-care lines that are in demand by discerning consumers all across the globe. Speaking of the globe…

Clarins uses over 250 natural plant extracts in its formulas and each one is carefully sourced with the utmost consideration for the protection of the planet’s biodiversity. They’ll always select a natural ingredient over a synthetic, lab-produced substitute, as long as the results are the same.

Any contrary issues with this product are easily remedied. The buildup of tanning cream in lines and folds shouldn’t be seen as a problem. This happens with the application of any type of creamy skin care product. It’s managed by simply paying attention and blotting excess lotion from those areas during the application process. It really is that simple!

Regarding any patchy areas of varying skin tones while the tan is fading, it can be mitigated by applying a very light amount of tanning cream to the lighter areas to even out the overall appearance. It can also be addressed by more vigorous washing of the darker areas to make them match the lighter areas.

Finally, the word ‘Delicious’ in the product name is to denote the luscious, velvety feeling and the cocoa aroma. It’s not edible but the use of the word shouldn’t be construed as misleading. Most people know that beauty products are not intended for human consumption.

Cost-wise, Clarins self-tanning cream is on the extravagant side but it’s worth every cent. Think of it as the treat that you and your skin deserve! It’s the perfect way to prepare for the tanning season or to extend it. It’s also a great way to get a starter tan prior to leaving home for an exotic, sun-filled vacation. And, when you feel like losing your Clarins tan, it will fade away just like a natural tan does.

It’s the ‘tan smart’ way to tan while protecting your skin from harmful rays that can cause skin dryness, or worse – deadly skin cancer! For a superb risk-free tan that looks completely natural, Clarins Delicious Self-Tanning Cream gets an enthusiastic thumbs up!

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Smart Tips about Self Tanners from the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA)

Self TannerAlthough we know the dangers of excessive sun exposure, many people still look forward to summer as a time to lie out in the sun and get a tan. Of course, this is really not a smart idea these days. While we do still need to get some sun exposure for good general health, excessive exposure can cause damage to the skin and can even lead to skin cancer. Luckily, today there are many fine self-tanners on the market that can help you get a healthy glow without actually endangering your health. These products are not regulated by the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA), but this agency does provide sound advice on finding good sunless tanning products and using them safely. In this article, we will share some smart advice from the FDA that will help you make wise choices when selecting self-tanning products. Read on to learn more.

What Are Self Tanners?

Comparing to indoor tanning lotions or tanning oils, self tanning lotions are typically cosmetic products that you can apply yourself at home. Two of the most commonly used types of self-tanning products are simple cosmetic products known as sunless tanners and bronzers. These two products may seem similar, but actually they work using very different principles.

Sunless tanners work by actually darkening your skin tone with ingredients such as dihydroxyacetone (DHA). This type of ingredient darkens your skin ton by interacting with proteins and amino acids found on the surface of your skin. These products darken your skin semi-permanently without exposure to the sun. Although sunless tanner does not wash off, it will eventually wear off so regular applications are recommended for best results.

Bronzers impart a tanned appearance to the surface of the skin in much the same way that blush gives you rosy cheeks and eye shadow gives you blue eyelids. Bronzers usually come in the form of powder that you can brush on or tinted moisturizer (similar to makeup) that you can apply to your skin. Bronzers will wash off, so they are not the ideal choice for attending a beach party.

Are There Other Safe Self Tanning Processes?

Many salons and spas provide tanning booth services. This type of tanning typically makes use of spray-on sunless tanning products containing DHA. It is important to keep in mind that the FDA has only approved DHA for external use on the surface of the skin. If you use the services of a spray tanning booth, be sure that your eyes, nose and mouth will be protected from the spray. While inhaling or ingesting a small amount of DHA accidentally, once or twice may not be particularly dangerous, repeated exposure could prove problematic. It is always best to protect yourself.

How Can You Be Sure A Sunless Tanning Product or Bronzer Is Safe?

There are many cosmetic products marketed today that can help you get a nice looking tan without exposing yourself to the rays of the sun or artificial radiation, such as that used in tanning beds. While the FDA does not regulate these products, it is a good source of information regarding them.

Your skin is the largest organ of your body, so it is important that you proceed with caution when applying cosmetic and other types of products. Always read labels carefully. When choosing a self tanner, always check to be sure that all of its ingredients are individually approved by the FDA. This is an indication of a safe and well formulated product.

Do Self Tanners & Bronzers Provide Sun Protection?

It is important to note that sunless tanning products and bronzers often do not contain sunscreen, so you should be sure to protect your skin when you go outdoors. If using a bronzer, apply your sunscreen first. If using a sunless tanning product, apply the sunscreen over the product a day or two after you have completed the sunless tanning process. By giving your new tan a little time to “set-up” you can avoid marring it when you apply sunscreen.

While most sunless tanning products and bronzers do not contain sunscreen, some do. There is no reason to double up on sunscreen if the sunless tanning product you are using already has it. Look for Sun Protection Factor (SPF) on the product label. If there is no sun protection provided, you should see a warning about the dangers of excessive sun exposure clearly printed on the label.

Is Continuous Use Of Sunscreen Safe?

For the past several decades, doctors and dermatologists have recommended painting yourself from head to toe with sunscreen every time you step outdoors. While it is generally true that you should protect yourself from excessive sun exposure, recent studies by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) indicate that excessive use of sunscreen can also be hazardous to your health. We do need some sun exposure in order to be able to process vitamin D3. Small amounts of exposure to the sun can be helpful in preventing problems such as fungal infections.

While it is very wise to protect your skin from excessive exposure to UV rays, this does not have to be an all-or-nothing endeavor. Rather than coating your entire body with sunscreen every day, simply be sure to wear clothing that effectively shades and protects your skin. Wear a hat with a wide brim, and protect your eyes with good quality sunglasses. Sunscreen often contains a cocktail of chemicals, and slathering it all over your skin every day for years on end is bound to have negative effects on your health.

If you plan to be out in the sun for an extended period of time (e.g. at a sporting event, water park or other lengthy outdoor activity) by all means, cover yourself with sunscreen. For everyday errand running and other normal, brief sun exposure you will probably be better off simply shading yourself with clothing and/or a parasol or umbrella. When you do use sunscreen, always choose an FDA approved product with a sun protection factor of 15 or greater.

Be an Educated Self-Tanning Consumer

Before beginning a self tanning process, it is smart to learn as much about it as you can. Although the FDA does not regulate products for sunless tanning, its website provides a wealth of information regarding the safety and effectiveness of these types of products. Remember that your skin is the largest organ on your body, and anything you apply to your skin has the potential to affect your health. That’s why it’s always smart to do good research and get all your questions answered before using any cosmetic or personal care skin product.

Sun Tanning 101

Many people prefer getting their tan the natural way, achieving that sun-kissed look outdoors without doing significant damage to the skin. The best way to achieve that golden bronze look is being informed about how to prepare the skin and how different conditions can affect your tan. Before you grab your sun tanning lotion, sunglasses, and blanket to head outside, take advantage of some of these sun tanning tips and you will have an even, deep, dark tan that will really turn some heads.

Learning How to Sun Tan Safely
sun tanningThe most important thing to bring with you when tanning in the sun is the lotion and sunscreen. In order to protect your skin, just be sure the sunscreen you’re using is rated SPF 20+ or more. Before you plan on going out for tanning, try to avoid shaving the day before because the lotion you apply during the day can cause a rash and irritate the skin. Also you make sure to plan your day well so that you are not lying in the sun between 12pm – 4pm. This is when the sun will be at its strongest, and you increase the rate of burnt and tanning more unevenly. Furthermore you should wear some type of hat or covering over the top of your head to avoid the scalp from burning. If you are lying in the sun without any protection on the head, you run the risk of overheating too easily, possibly leading to dizziness, headaches, and even sun stroke.

How to Avoid Streaks and Blotches
Regardless the type of sun tan lotion you use, getting blotchy patches and streaks is a common occurrence after a day of sun tanning. Luckily, there is a way to reduce those uneven areas and create a more natural sun-kissed bronze glow to the skin. Take the time before you go tanning to apply a nice even coat of sun tan lotion. An increased amount of built-up cells along the skin can cause streaks too, so it is important you exfoliate those areas with a body and face scrub the night before. The scrub will glide over the skin and remove and cell debris without causing irritation. It is recommended that the day just before you plan to go tanning, scrub your skin carefully in the shower with a loofah. Once the skin has been exfoliated, mix your sun tan lotion with body moisturizer before applying evenly to the skin. As a result, the skin will retain moisture and tan more evenly.

Difference between Sun and Indoor Tanning
The biggest difference between sun and indoor tanning is control. When you utilize tanning beds, you get to control the type and amount of UV the skin is being exposed to. When sun tanning, you have no control over the UV as well as many other elements. Indoor tanning gives you complete control over many elements that you are at the mercy of when tanning outdoors. With tanning outdoors, you have zero control of the season, your location, sudden weather changes, and are at risk of burning the skin because you are being exposed to a different type of UV light. Some days you may achieve that dark glow, while other days the skin is burnt and peeling. You eliminate this sporadic process when tanning indoors because you can control all the elements. Utilizing the right nourishing and preventative skin care products while tanning indoors will help give you even more control over the tan that you ultimately get.

Many people prefer outdoor tanning because they enjoy being able to kick back and relax in the sun. While you give up some control when you leave your tanning to the elements, you do have the opportunity to make the best of it when you follow just a few of these sun tanning tips we discussed. Staying out of the sun at the hottest time of the day, preparing the skin the night before, and protecting your head from heat exhaustion, all can help you get that natural deep-dark tan that you crave, while protecting your skin and body at the same time. Exfoliating and moisturizing your skin the night before sun tanning can have dramatic positive effects on your tanning efforts. The better you take care of your skin before and during sun tanning, the more even and glowing your tan will look.

Designer Skin New Adore Black Label Bronzer Lotion Review

AdoreBlackLabelBronzerNot all tanning lotions are created equally – while some contain ingredients that help moisturize and hydrate the skin, others are specifically formulated with ingredients that promote oxygenation and promote the production of melanin in the body. The Designer Skin New Adore Black Label Bronzer Lotion is part of the first group (no tingle), as it contains dopa, melanin bronzer and a complex of unique conditioning ingredients that can evenly tan your skin while ensuring it of a smooth, luxurious feel.

If you’re interested in purchasing a tanning lotion that does provide results, then you will want to check out our review of the Designer Skin New Adore Black Label Bronzer Lotion below.

Active Ingredients

  • Dopa – Probably the most notable ingredient on the list, dopa is a melanin precursor, which supports healthy production of melanin in the body, speeding up the tanning process at the same time.
  • MelanINK Bronzer – MelanINK Bronzer is a natural form of melanin that helps enhance skin pigment, which in turn causes the skin to get darker with every application. This ingredient offers instant streak-free color with a beautiful matte finish and no blotches that might ruin your sun-kissed look.
  • Silicone Emulsion – The silicones contained in the Adore black label bronzer lotion provide maximum hydration of the skin, as well as a high level of protection against tanning beds damage. At the same time, the silicone emulsion of the product also imparts skin with a velvety finish that leaves skin looking just as good as it feels.

By combining the above ingredients, the Adore black label bronzer becomes a lotion that can activate your body’s full tanning potential, offering an even tan, streak-free color, and a deep natural and airbrushed look of perfection. And hey, who can possibly resist a nicely tanned skin that looks perfectly natural?

How to Use It?
Using tanning lotions in general is usually difficult, especially if we think of the steps that you need to go through to achieve that sun-kissed look. Due to its more potent formulation, the Adore black tanning lotion may not be the best choice for beginners or women who want to get a base tan. Skin tends to get significantly darker from the first use, not to mention that knowing how to properly apply tanning lotion to avoid blotchy areas and streaks.

  • Exfoliate your skin – Before you use this designer skin Adore lotion, it’s important to exfoliate your skin to remove dead cells and dirt from your pores. Choose a mild exfoliant, preferably one that contains at least one ingredient with highly potent moisturizing properties (e.g. honey, olive oil, coconut oil, aloe vera, etc.)
  • Apply sunscreen – The Adore Lotion doesn’t provide UV protection, so you stand a better chance at burning instead of tanning your skin. Apply a sunscreen with a SPF of 30+ to ensure that your skin will be evenly tanning, and also to reduce damage caused by tanning beds.
  • Apply the lotion – Put on latex gloves before you start applying this lotion, so that your palms will not soak up the color that’s meant for your body. It’s important that your skin isn’t oily from the sunscreen, otherwise you risk ruining the entire process. Apply a small amount of the lotion and start spreading it on with uniform swipes in all directions. Knees and elbows are very dry areas of your skin that naturally absorb more products, so make sure to dilute the lotion with moisturizer. Ask a friend to apply it to your back, or use a back applicator to do the job yourself.
  • Tone Down Streaks – If there are any streaks left after using the Designer Skin Adore Lotion, don’t panic. You can tone them down by taking a quick shower or by adding a cup of milk to your bath, as lactic acid helps take down the color. If there are any blotches, use a wet wipe to gently remove excess product. Rub a pea-sized amount of lotion between your palms to ensure that they aren’t completely pale.

Scent: Sweet Vanilla Musk
If there is one particular aspect that turns the Designer Adore into a great tanning lotion is the scent it bears: sweet vanilla musk. The scent is clear and fresh, not too sweet, although using more products may result in the smell becoming more noticeable. However, the lotion won’t leave any smell behind, which is desirable since you are going to use the tanning beds. Interestingly, the smell seems to really cling onto your skin once you apply this tanning lotion, so your body will naturally smell of sweet vanilla, and very slightly of musk.

Potent Moisturizing Effects
Another factor that makes this Designer Skin tanning lotion stand out is the quality of the ingredients that have been used prior to formulating it. The product packs a number of ingredients that are highly moisturizing, providing your skin just the right amount of hydration to reduce damaged caused by indoor tanning, and also to give you an even tan. The consistency is non-greasy, but this doesn’t prevent the lotion to make skin retain moisture wonderfully. This will be great if your skin tends to be really dry, as the lotion will offer it the conditioning that it needs to tan evenly and look great.


  • Formulated with ingredients that promote fast tanning and provide a high level of moisture to the skin
  • Non-greasy consistency ensures that the product will be quickly absorbed into your skin
  • Contains a natural form of melanin that speeds up the tanning process
  • Provides durable results – tan lasts for 3-4 days before starting to fade away
  • Has a subtle sweet vanilla musk scent that’s very fresh
  • Makes skin softer and smooth, and gives it a matte finish


  • No tingle lotion means slow tanning that doesn’t look completely natural
  • Not currently determined whether the lotion makes tattoos fade
  • No sunscreen: follow the instructions above to correctly apply the lotion, making sure to rub some sunscreen into your skin too
  • A little expensive comparing with the other lotions

It’s no doubt that the Designer Skin New Adore Black Label Bronzer Lotion is one of the best indoor tanning lotions on the market. There are a couple of shortcomings that might make the lotion inappropriate for some users, this product works amazingly for the rest, providing a flawless sunless tan that can make any woman look her best. And since the lotion is so great, it’s no doubt that it’s on the high end of the price spectrum!

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Why Not Buy a Discount Indoor Tanning Lotion?

Indoor tanning has become the simplest and most efficient way to keep your golden glow all year round – and as you have probably figured out, using a tanning lotion can make a dramatic difference in how successful you are. And as much as you’d like to use the stuff you use outdoors, tanning lotions have been specifically formulated to work in conjunction with tanning beds, so you need to spend money. The question is, should you buy high-end lotions that cost upwards of $80, or cheaper ones that rarely exceed $30 in value?

If you go to a tanning salon, you are bound to find a variety of tanning lotions to choose from, usually priced at $60 and above even with significant discounts. But if you search for a couple of lotions online, you can find hundreds of options under $20. If you like keeping your body tanned beautifully all year round and go to a tanning salon weekly, then it makes sense to invest in a discount indoor tanning lotion instead of a pricier one. If you bought a more expensive one, you’d need to use it sparingly so it lasts for longer, but that would only result in not getting the beautiful tan that you’re after.

Why are some tanning lotions so incredibly expensive, and most importantly, should you invest in one?

Fancy Ingredients That Drive Tan into Darkness
Probably one of the most important factors that make expensive tanning lotions stand out is their blend of ingredients. Formulated with “tingling” ingredients that speed up tanning by increasing the amount of melanin produced by the body (the pigment of your skin) and blood flow to the cells of the skin, expensive tanning lotions can drive tan into darkness. Moreover, these lotions pack special ingredients that ensure your skin of proper moisture and hydration, some incorporating even ingredients that provide a relatively low level of sun protection to reduce indoor tanning damage.

On the other end of the spectrum, cheaper lotions incorporate mostly skin bronzers, though they also have potent moisturizers in their formulation. But most of them rarely incorporate tinglers in their formulation, which subsequently results in significantly less tanning power.

In addition to the efficiency of the formulation, expensive tanning lotions are usually developed by chemists and scientists that have tested the formulation specifically to ensure that there are no side effects. Except for the tingling sensation, these lotions do not cause irritation, redness or potential allergies, which are common for cheaper and not as thoroughly patented (cheaper) lotions. High-end products also don’t fade tattoos away, which is important for women who have inked their body.

Streak-Free Tan
When using indoor tanning lotions, one of the biggest concerns women have is streaks. If not applied correctly, tanning lotions can result in streaks that ruin your tanned look, defeating the whole purpose of using one. Due to the poor quality of the ingredients, a discount indoor tanning lotion is far more likely to produce streaks, which is something every woman tries to avoid. Even though they moisturize the skin, the bronzers aren’t as potent, and since there is no sunscreen, you risk either getting a barely visible, streaky tan, or burning your skin.

This is not the case with high-end lotions, which moisturize the skin and help the body produce more melanin to speed up the tanning process. Many also contain silicone emulsions that provide a higher level of conditioning to the skin. Plus, the “tingling” ingredients ensure that your skin will be uniformly tanned, which is critical if you don’t want to end up trying to cover your tanned skin instead of revealing it.

High Profit Margin of Tanning Salons
Tanning salons will try to sell you expensive tanning lotions that usually cost upwards of $80. Even when discounted, you will still have to pay a minimum of $60, which is hefty. But if you go ahead and search for discount indoor tanning lotions on the Internet, you can choose from hundreds of products that rarely cost more than $20. The sale of indoor tanning lotions is part of salons’ business model, and the profit margin on these products is usually very high. The price is over 400% as expensive as if you bought a cheaper lotion, and many women dislike the idea of paying that much every month or every two months, since they need to use it consistently to achieve great results.

Last But Not Least I Want to Say
It’s no doubt that buying high-end products is the best solution if you want a beautiful tan and radiant skin. Keep in mind that a tanning lotion is something you’re going to use all over your body and it would be a shame not to treat it as it deserves, with quality ingredients that won’t cause any side effects. So don’t buy a discount indoor tanning lotion just only based on its cheap price. As the saying goes, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Tanning Oil 101

Tanning OilTanning oils are products that support healthy tanning by moisturizing your skin and reflecting more UV light which, in turn, speeds up the tanning process and allows for a darker tan. But just like tanning lotions, tanning oils come in different types, and they may contain different kinds of ingredients ranging from glycerin to vitamin E, coconut oil, and fruit extracts. However, most tanning oils do not provide any protection against UV rays, which can make you susceptible to burning if your skin is naturally more vulnerable.

Classification of Tanning Oils

By Ingredients
Different types of tanning oils are formulated with different ingredients, which depend largely on their purpose (indoor or outdoor tanning). Some tanning oils have more potent moisturizing properties than others. Some include chemicals that also offer sun protection. Some contain “tingling” ingredients such as beta-carotene.

All-Natural Tanning Oils: These tanning oils have been formulated with natural ingredients only, ranging from herbs to essential oils, fruit extracts and vitamins. They usually contain mostly moisturizers that allow the skin to tan evenly and improve both the look and feel of the tan. At the same time, all-natural tanning oils supply the skin with nutrients that may prevent premature aging that is a common result of tanning. They are great for getting a base tan, but should be used with care due to the absence of a SPF.

“Tingling” Tanning Oils: Perfect for seasoned tanners who want to get a quick, perfect tan, tingling tanning oils are known to increase the production of melanin by promoting micro-circulation. Ingredients such as benzyl or methyl nicotinate increase blood flow and bring oxygen to the cells in your skin, which contributes to increasing the production of melanin – the pigment that gives your skin color. More melanin causes your skin to get darker, so you get an even tan that lasts for much longer. The nice thing about tingling tanning oils is that they promote natural tanning, and they allow you to get the perfect tan much faster. If your skin is usually more sensible and susceptible to sun burns, you may want to test these tanning oils on a small area to see whether they cause any side effects.

Tanning Oils with UV Protection: These products are formulated with other chemicals that add UV protection so you don’t get burns while you’re using tanning beds. A common ingredient of these oils is grape seed oil, which is known for its natural protective properties against sun. However, these tanning oils usually do not go above SPF-4, which is extremely low on the scale of protection. Avoid infusing tanning oils with sunscreen – even though the latter one is intended to avoid burning, its effects will be dramatically reduced when paired with tanning oil (whose obvious role is to promote tanning).

By Application
Original Tanning Oils: Tanning oils with an oily texture should be poured onto the skin and rubbed until absorbed. These are great if your skin is dry and needs to be hydrated, as the greasy texture of these tanning oils help retain moisture and prevent burning when using sun beds.

Spray-On Tanning Oils: As their name suggests, spray-on tanning oils can be sprayed on your skin and then rubbed until little residue is left. These products are suitable since they allow you to control the amount of oil that you’re putting onto the skin. They usually have a greasy texture that’s similar to original oils.

Dry Tanning Oils: Ideal for those who use tanning beds frequently and want to avoid leaving any residue behind, dry tanning oils are oil-based products that spray on the skin and get rubbed in without the slick feeling on the hands. They are especially good if your skin is naturally greasy, as it will help prevent clogging of your pores.

Differences between Tanning Oils and Lotions
When it comes to indoor tanning, most women prefer tanning lotions over oils due to their more potent results. Tanning oils are intended to support healthy tanning by providing moisture to the skin and increasing the amount of UV light that’s being reflected to create the illusion of darker skin, which makes them ideal for beginners. On the other hand, tanning lotions are usually suitable for seasoned tanners due to acting from deep within the skin. Bronzer lotions can change the cells of the skin and give immediate results, whilst “tingling” lotions promote oxygenation to increase the amount of melanin being produced by the skin (quite similar to tingling tanning oils, but they are usually more powerful).

Tanning oils can also work when used outdoors, unlike most tanning lotions, which work specifically for indoor use only. Due to their lack of UV protection, both tanning oils and lotions make your skin more prone to burns, but lotions can be infused with sunscreen prior to using tanning beds to prevent damage to the skin.

Another notable benefit of tanning oils over lotions is their build-in protection for tattoos. Since they do not act as tanning lotions do, tanning oils won’t make your tattoos fade away. Colors are usually quite different, although texture may be similar if the lotion is particularly greasy.