Millenium Solid Black Bronzer Tanning Lotion Review

MilleniumSolidBlackAs summer time is approaching, many women are brimming with excitement to ditch uncomfortable, thick clothing in favor of short dresses, flowy skirts, and cheeky cleavages. But more than a great outfit or a skilled hand with makeup, gorgeous, golden skin can turn heads. Intended specifically for tanning beds, the Millenium tanning new solid black bronzer tanning bed lotion is currently one of the best-selling tanning lotions on the market. Blended with extreme tanners and efficient moisturizers to provide an outstanding tan, this indoor tanning lotion comes with an auto-darkening technology that surpasses competing products.

Let’s take a better look at the Millenium tanning solid black bronzer tanning lotion review below.

Advanced Silicone Bronzing Drives Tan into Darkness

Millenium Tanning has been producing some of the most outstanding lotions for tanning beds over the past few years, and the solid black bronzer makes no exception. The lotion is blended with silicone bronzers that help the skin tan evenly for a glowing, uniform color that will certainly turn heads. The tan turns out rich and deep in just a few days, so you can always get a golden skin for any upcoming special occasion even if you don’t have time to spend on the beach.

The Solid Black Tanning Lotion is packed with a number of natural ingredients that have a moisturizing effect on your skin, so you won’t deal with streaks. These include banana fruit extract, walnut seed oil, pecan seed oil, sunflower seed oil, carrot seed oil, camellia sinensis leaf extract, as well as a number of other herbal extracts that will provide proper hydration to your skin. By intensely moisturizing your skin, this tanning lotion gives it a softer, smoother texture, and also help reduce damage resulted from using tanning beds excessively.

Good Consistency Makes It Easy to Absorb into Skin

The Millenium Solid Black Bronzer stands out through its relatively thin and non-greasy consistency that absorbs quickly into your skin. Once applied, the lotion won’t stick to the surface of the skin, and by the time you’re done tanning, it will be completely absorbed into the skin, so you won’t have to worry about getting it on your clothes. This helps ensure that your tan is even and doesn’t have any streaks or patches of color that may ruin your entire look.

Moreover, the lotion is easy to apply to your skin, and it will require very little rubbing before it’s fully absorbed into the skin. You will need to apply a relatively small amount of product to achieve a beautiful dark, which means that you won’t have to buy another bottle every week.

Fresh, Feminine Fragrance

On top of getting an ultra fashionable accessory (you guessed it: glowing, golden skin) that will beautifully complement any outfit, the Solid Black lotion will also give you a lovely orchid scent that’s sure to impress. The scent is not overpowering, so you don’t have to worry about smelling bad after applying the lotion. However, you may notice a slight burnt-after-tan smell after you’re done using the tanning beds, which we haven’t seen in pricier lotions.

No Tingle Lotion

Tingle lotions increase melanin production by bringing both blood and oxygen to the surface of the skin, hence allowing the skin to tan more naturally. Unfortunately, the Millenium tanning solid black is a no-tingle lotion – but this doesn’t stop it from providing excellent results. The tan that you’ll be getting is rich and deep, and it lasts for much longer than some tingle lotions. The only complaint that you may have is about your tattoos fading. If you have previously inked your body, then you will want to consider a different indoor tanning lotion that doesn’t affect the appearance of your tattoos.

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Pros and Cons


  • Blend of natural ingredients that don’t have any side effects.
  • Potent moisturizing effects keep your skin properly hydrated and prevent streaks.
  • Thin, non-greasy consistency allows the lotion to be quickly absorbed into your skin to help prevent staining your clothes.
  • Application is easy, and doesn’t require large amounts of product.
  • Has a subtle orchid scent.
  • Provide immediate results that last for longer than other lotions.
  • Give your skin a softer, smoother texture.
  • Affordable price value makes it accessible to all women.


  • No-tingle lotion means less-than-perfect tan.
  • Lotion makes tattoos fade.
  • Unpleasant burnt-after-tan smell after you’re done using the tanning bed.
  • No sunscreen: make sure to apply sunscreen before you use the tanning beds to prevent burning your skin.


While it’s true that the Millenium tanning new solid black bronzer tanning bed lotion isn’t flawless, it still remains one of the best options for tanning beds. The lotion produces a golden tan that looks naturally and doesn’t have streaks, not to mention that it doesn’t need a long time to work. Plus, results last for much longer than some tingle lotions, and the price value of no more than $20 in Amazon makes it affordable to all women who want to get beautiful, sun-kissed skin.

How to Find the Best Tanning Bed Lotion

Tanning was historically limited to the summertime, but with the emergence of fast and convenient tanning beds, anyone can now get and maintain a dazzling bronze tan year-round. Sprayed or rubbed on, you can self-tan right before bedtime and cleanse it off in the morning. Depending on the tanning bed lotion you choose, you may realize results very fast, even in the middle of winter.

So, which is the best tanning bed lotion?

Anyone who’s familiar with tanning knows how important lotion is to having a pleasant experience. While dry skin reflects UV light, moist skin readily absorbs it into the skin, and for the UV light from tanning beds to have meaningful effect, it must be absorbed.

The best tanning bed lotion is one that not only moisturizes your skin, but also protects your skin and replenishes the nutrients lost under the lights. It should also speed up the tanning process, extend the life of your tan, and make your tan more enjoyable, from the look and feel it gives your skin to the aroma of a quality lotion. These indoor tanning products can be applied either before or after tanning, because the tanning process actually continues for a while after each indoor tanning session.

Choosing the best tanning bed lotion

When looking for a quality lotion, you should start by asking a certified tanning consultant to help you choose the one that best suits your skin type, in order to get the best tanning results. Popular indoor tanning lotions typically contain select, natural vitamins and innovative ingredients, such as essential oils, natural plant extracts, and high-quality vitamins that are proven to unveil deep, rich tans and reveal superior skin care results. Common ingredients in the best indoor tanning products include:

  • Tyrosine: This amino acid enhances the body’s ability to produce melanin – the stimulation of melanin production is primarily influenced by UVB radiation emitted in the tanning bed. Tyrosine is also responsible for helping the body hold melanin longer by reducing the rate of exfoliation and replacing the amino acids. It is also claimed to have antioxidant properties, which implies that tyrosine lotions may help to clean skin pores by attaching risky free radical molecules to each other and exfoliating them.
  • Vitamin E: Like tyrosine, vitamin E is also used to help clear the pores, while the antioxidant properties of both help to combat certain signs of aging. More specifically, they work to stop the development of fine lines and wrinkles, especially on the face.

Other popular ingredients include copper, which helps to reduce the noticeability of unattractive scars and other skin flaws; and Matrixyl 3000 and Strivitan, which are used in cosmeceutical and medical grade skin care products to fight fine lines and wrinkles.

Products to avoid

It is important that you examine the ingredients used in skin moisturizers and accelerators before purchasing any tanning products, as some may contain substances that diminish, stop, or restrict your body’s natural tanning process. These non-tanning moisturizers may include:

  • Both natural and chemical SPF sun blockers that prevent the body from absorbing UV light during the tanning process.
  • Skin whitening and bleaching agents designed to reduce age spots but also bleach out tan skin.
  • Skin exfoliating ingredients that augment the skin’s shedding process to help reduce wrinkles, but also decrease the life of your tan.
  • Moisturizers that don’t contain tyrosine, which offers numerous tanning benefits, including helping to achieve a deeper and darker tan that lasts longer.
  • Lotions that contain ingredients like product dyes and mineral oil that inhibit UV dispersion, resulting in less UV exposure during tanning, and also damage the tanning equipment.

Tanning bed lotions that work

Indoor tanning lotions come in a variety of forms. Some are considered tan maximizers or accelerators, and contain substances that boost the effects of tyrosine, and others moisturizers, which aid your skin recuperate after tanning sessions. Other notable categories include:

  • Bronzers: Act as a dye on the top layer of your skin for more immediate and longer lasting color. Most contain diydroxyacetone (DHA) an active, colorless time-released agent derived from glycerin that gradually appears on the skin after tanning, producing a brown color change that can last 5 – 7 days.
  • Tingle: Also referred to as a hot action tanning lotion, tingle contains enhanced levels of natural vitamins and botanical oils that help stimulate micro-circulation, drawing blood closer to the skin’s surface. Melatonin in the blood gives the tanning process a boost by helping you achieve your tanning plateau.

Whichever indoor tanning bed product you choose, you can be certain to find a good selection of tanning lotions, especially with guidance from a certified tanning instructor. If you cannot find an instructor, the alternative I suggest is to check the feedbacks in Amazon and find the best lotion which suits for your need.

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4 Benefits of Using a Red Light Therapy Tanning Bed

Red Light Therapy TanningCan an innovative, space-age treatment really help rejuvenate your skin, assist with injury recovery and even eliminate acne? The answer appears to be yes. Red light tanning therapy, originally developed by NASA, is one of the hottest trends in skin repair. Read on to find out why using a red light therapy tanning bed provides a fantastic range of the benefits, without many of the risks and side effects of traditional cosmetic improvement solutions.

Overview of Red Light Tanning Therapy

Red Light Tanning beds produce a wavelength of between 600 to 660 nm (nanometres) which is outside of the range of UV. Red light is also sometimes referred to as infrared because light between 600 – 770 nm is classified as near infrared. Red light is able to penetrate deep into the skin and can work to repair damaged tissue and nerves. It is completely non-invasive and does not contain any harmful UV components. Because red light therapy takes place in a full sized tanning bed, it treats the entire body not just the face.

Key Benefits of Red Light Tanning Therapy

1. Skin Rejuvenation

Red light works under the skin to bring more blood to the skins surface and boost circulation. It also helps to increase the production of elastin and collagen. The overall effect is to repair damaged cells and give back skin youthful appearance. Red light therapy is perfect for wrinkles, tightening the skin and removing blemishes.

2. Pain Relief

Red light therapy not only improves your appearance, it can also help with pain relief. Because red light therapy penetrates deep into the body it can help repair cell components. It also increases the production of endorphins and helps to block pain transmitters.

3. Increase Healing Time

Red light therapy helps rehabilitate injuries and it is also used by professional athletes that need to get back into the game as quickly as possible. The reason the red light therapy can help to increase recovery time is because the red light stimulates the production of ATP. ATP works to reduce inflammation and swelling, while at the same time increasing white blood cells which help to repair damaged tissue.

4. Eliminating Acne

Red light can reach into the skin and activate haemoglobin. This in turn limits the blood supply to oil producing sebaceous glands, which prevents skin cells from getting too oily and producing acne.

How Long Does Red Light Therapy Take?

In order to see results using Red Light Tanning therapy you will need to commit to 4 – 5 sessions during the first few of weeks. After this initial period you can usually visit around 3 to 4 times a week in order to see good results. Ongoing maintenance of 1 to 2 days per week is typically sufficient.

Overall Recommendation

Red light tanning therapy is not a replacement to lasers and more aggressive cosmetic improvements. These other solutions definitely have their place and are useful for more serious issues. However, if you are looking for a more mild non-aggressive treatment with few side-effects, which still produces excellent results then red light tanning therapy may just be the right solution for you. Also, it is a good idea to gain the best results by applying the therapy tanning lotion before going to a red light therapy tanning bed.

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Australian Gold Jwoww Black Bronzer Dark Tanning Lotion Review

Jwoww Black Bronzer tanning lotionKeeping your golden glow all year round is possible through tanning lotions – but with literally dozens of different products, how do you know which one best suits you? Produced by one of the biggest players of the industry, the Australian Gold Jwoww Black Bronzer Dark Tanning Lotion is one of the few tanning lotions to provide a hot dark tan that you will be proud of. Designed to help you get a beautiful black color, this lotion delivers superior hydration that keeps your skin properly moisturized all the time.

Keep reading the Jwoww Black Bronzer Tanning Lotion review below to see whether this particular tanning lotion is what you’re looking for.

Efficient Blend of Ingredients for a Long-Lasting Tan
Perhaps one of the very first things you should do when checking on a particular tanning lotion is looking at the list of ingredients. Produced by Jenni Farley, the Jwoww Black Bronzer Tanning Lotion contains a powerful combo of kukui oil and black currant, which give the product its dark, rich color, and also help deeply moisturize the skin to prevent streaks. The moisturizing effects of this tanning lotion are further enhanced by the hemp seed extract, walnut shell extract, betulba alba back extract, cannabis sativa seed oil and vitamins, which keep the skin well hydrated and ensure that it will not dry out. But despite being rich in oils, the lotion has a good consistency that is not too thick, and not too greasy either – which leads us to the following point.

Easy and Smooth Application
As one of the best-rated tinted tanning lotions on the market, the Australian Gold Jwoww Black Bronzer Dark Tanning Lotion offers convenience and peace of mind to women through the easy and smooth application. The lotion has the perfect consistency for all skin types – but one aspect that really places this product miles ahead of its competitors is the flawless tan it creates. Given that the lotion gets easily absorbed into the skin after little rubbing, the tan will be even and good-looking, producing no streaks, tan lines or patches of colors. If you want to get that perfect sun-kissed body with little effort, then you may certainly want to give the Jwoww Black Bronzer a try.

Subtle, Delightful Berry Scent
If you ask women to name one thing they really don’t like about tanning lotions, they will almost certainly mention the smell, which appears to be extremely unpleasant with most products. This particular indoor tanning lotion has a subtle berry aroma that is barely noticeable, giving your skin a delightfully fresh scent that will make you even more attractive. With this tanning lotion on, you will turn heads and break hearts – and also get the hottest accessory of the moment.

No Tingle Lotion
If you are looking for a tingle tanning lotion to get the best and quick tan, then the Australian Gold Jwoww Black Bronzer Dark Tanning Lotion might not be quite the best option for you. Technically a tingle tanning lotion brings both blood and oxygen to the skin surface to affect melanin – the pigment that determines your skin color. The more melanin your body produces, the darker your skin will be, which is essential to getting a lovely tan. Due to lacking the ingredients needed to bring more oxygen to the skin (Methyl Nicotinate or Benzyl), it is not a tingle tanning lotion, so it is suitable for the people who don’t like any itch or turning red after tan.

Expensive Price Value
One last aspect to mention is the price value of the Jwoww Black Bronzer, which is quite expensive as compared to other tanning lotions. The product costs anywhere between $20 and $50, whilst others are priced under $20, hence making it pricier and not as accessible to women on a budget.

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Summary of the Lotion


  • Natural and very potent ingredients make the lotion super efficient.
  • Powerful moisturizing effects keep the skin properly hydrated after and between applications.
  • Thin, non-greasy consistency makes it easy for the lotion to be absorbed into the skin.
  • Dark, rich tan that looks extremely natural without tingling.
  • Subtle berry aroma gives your skin a lovely scent.
  • Easy and smooth application: massage equal amounts of the product on the entire body for an even sunless tan.


  • For tanning beds only
  • No sunscreen: if using the lotion without applying a sunscreen first, you risk burning your skin under sun tanning.
  • Not confirmed if the lotion protects tattoos: your body art might be at a risk if using this product.
  • Expensive comparing with other lotions

Final Word
Despite a couple of downsides, the Australian Gold Jwoww Black Bronzer Dark Tanning Lotion remains one of the most popular tinted tanning lotions on the market. Good-smelling, easy to use and very efficient, this indoor tanning lotion will give your skin that naturally dark tan that you have been dreaming of, along with a beautiful glow, smooth texture and an irresistible scent.

Just leave a comment below and let us know what you think about this tanning lotion.

Spray Tanning 101: What Are the Benefits and How Can You Get the Best Tan?

Spray TanningUnless you live under a rock, you probably know that tan is perhaps the hottest accessory right now. But with sunbeds deemed to be utterly dangerous and scientifically proven to be carcinogen, many women prefer self-tanning instead. While tanning lotions seem to be women’s favorites due to their rapid effects, tanning sprays are also becoming increasingly popular at this time – and for a good reason, since they offer natural results. But what are the real benefits of spray tanning, and does it work as expected? Read on to find out.

Benefits of Spray Tanning

1. Spray Tanning Is Safe
Spray tanning has many benefits over sunbeds, and can usually provide better results than sun-tanning. In the first place, spray tanning is absolutely safe as compared to traditional tanning, which has been shown to increase risk of skin cancer exponentially. Moreover, spray tanning will not cause any burning of your skin, and will also prevent spots, wrinkles, and freckles, which are usually caused by sun exposure.

2. Spray Tanning Adds Definition to Your Body & Is Quicker
Furthermore, spray tanning can effectively add definition to your body, hence enabling you to highlight specific body parts in order to look better. At the same time, this tanning method is very quick – you will never have to bake outside in the sun to get a beautiful tan, and you will not need to expose your skin to the harmful UV radiation of sunbeds. It usually takes no longer than 10-20 minutes to get a beautiful tan through spray tanning, which proves to be especially beneficial if you need to look good at a party you are attending (but do not have the time to tan naturally).

3. Spray Tanning Does Not Produce Tan Lines
Tan lines are a concern for most women who want to tan – even if you wear the tiniest bikinis, you will still walk away from a day at the beach with tan lines. One of the most notable benefits of spray tanning is that no tan lines are involved, as you can cover all of your body with the spray in order to ensure that there are no areas uncovered. As such, your tan will be flawless and good-looking, and you will never have to feel embarrassed about the unaesthetic tan lines that can ruin your appearance.

4. Spray Tanning Lasts Longer
Lastly, the tan you get through spray tanning lasts much longer than that you get through sunbeds or traditional tanning. On average, this tan lasts for 7 to 10 days, and fades away uniformly.

How to Get the Best Spray Tan?

When it comes to spray tanning, there are a couple of essential aspects to consider in order to ensure that you will be getting a beautiful, even and resistant tan. If you have never used this tanning method before, then you may want to check out our tips below to learn how to get the best spray tan ever.

1. Prepare Yourself
Prepping your skin for the spray tanning session is essential. The morning of your appointment, exfoliate your skin using a nonoily product, and insist on the knees and elbows, as they tend to absorb more bronzer and turn dark. Exfoliate your chest, neck, shins, and face, where the skin is thinner and tanner tends to become streaky. If you have scars or scabs, coat them with Vaseline to ensure that your tan will be even. Also, make sure to talk with your doctor about going off Retin-A or Accutane if using either of them, as these products can interfere with the tanner, resulting in a splotchy tan.

2. Dress for the Occasion
One of the biggest mistakes women make when spray tanning is dressing inappropriately for the occasion. Remember that you will be spraying your entire body, which means that you risk ruining your favorite lingerie if it comes into contact with the tanner. Wear a thong that you will not mind ruining. Although most tanners wash out, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

3. Blot, Not Wipe
After the bronzer has been sprayed on, look for drips, and use a clean towel to gently blot them – but never wipe! Wiping can result in ruining the tan, as you will be basically removing the color. To avoid tanning the soles of your feet, wipe them on a clean towel once you are done spraying tanner on.

4. Make It Last
As with regular indoor tanning lotion, you must not wet your skin about eight hours after tanning. You should not exfoliate for at least one week to avoid removing the tan, and shave your legs as infrequently as possible. Moisturize head to toe after you shower to prevent the tan from becoming blotchy.

Indoor Tanning Bed Tips For Your Next Trip To Salon

In the chance that you may have never used indoor sun tanning beds or maybe you are simply looking for a few different pointers, this article should be your source in learning the proper ways to utilize this enjoyable and safe way to have that nice bronze tint to your skin. Here are some good tanning bed tips for your next time at an indoor tanning facility.

Always Prepare Your Skin

Bubble BathPrior to tanning, always get your skin prepared by cleaning and clearing dead skin build-up. You want your skin to get the best tan that it possibly can, so you should always use some mild soap and warm water prior to tanning and if you can, a nice exfoliant. For an exfoliant, try using a shower poof to scrub your entire body and after you are finished with everything, use a light moisturizer to keep the moisture level of your skin high.

How Long Should You Tan?

If you just so happen to be starting out, speak to a knowledgeable employee regarding how long you should tan for. They should be able to choose the proper amount of time that will work for you depending on your experience level, age and skin tone. In a typical tanning facility, ten minutes should be an appropriate starting time for the inexperienced. When you are in a tanning booth for too long it could possibly create serious burns, the object is to start out slowly and increase your time in short increments to concluding around 25 minutes. If in the event that your skin begins to feel a stinging or prickling sensation, discontinue your use for that session.

Keep from Showering Afterwards

Try not to shower directly after tanning, you need to provide your skin time to settle in for at least 3-4 hours. If you do happen to bath, use a moisturizer to retain the moisture level.

Try to Eliminate Fragrances

Soaps or deodorants which use strong fragrances should be avoided prior to using a tanning bed. The chemicals which are used for fragrances can make the process of tanning take more time and they can also make the effort of the equipment more labored. The heat from the tanning bed can also create the skins ability to produce rashes considerably more.

Stay Conscious of Your Eyes

Eye WearAlways try to make sure that your eyes are kept perfectly closed and that you have an application of sun tanning cream on your eyelids. Typically too thin to be protected, the eyelids must always be covered with the appropriate eyewear. Sun tanning eyewear is absolutely mandatory at every indoor tanning facility, but they are usually provided. So you need to take advantage of them every time to assure the health of your eyes.

Be Cautious

It is a fact true that tanning indoors is as harmful to your skin as tanning outdoors. Having a good idea of your appropriate tanning time is crucial for the health of your skin. Some of the risks to worry about are skin cancer and sun spots.

Salon Products

The various lotions and creams which are sold in tanning facilities all contain compounds which are completely safe and beneficial to elevate your skins potential to brown perfectly. The particular products that are sold in tanning salons make for a good decision in regards to your money because they will shorten the amount of time to get your skin to the tone of brown that you are desiring.

Discount Codes and Specials

Commercial sun tanning salon and tanning bed facilities typically have different special and coupon codes that you can find either on your grocery store receipts or they may even be sent to you in the mail as a mailer which will have discount codes which come with mailers. Utilizing these types of free discounts and low priced offers are provided to give people within their communities a way to sample the various locations which offer indoor tanning services. Once you have finally discovered an indoor tanning facility that works for you, you will have the option to discuss future deals and discounts with an employee at that particular site.

Tan Right

By applying these tanning bed tips, you will know the proper protocol to ensure yourself not only the very best health while you tan but to always ensure that you will get the very best indoor tanning experience. Now you will never have to rely on the weather for all of your tanning endeavors.

What’s The Best Tanning Lotion For Fair Skin?

Most people with fair or pale skin dream of sporting a sun-kissed look, but they are afraid that their skin might get burned from UV exposure from the sun or tanning beds. It is a fear that is not entirely baseless. After all, people with fair skin are really more prone to burning because they have less melanin than those with dark skin. Melanin is a pigment that not only gives color to the skin but also protects the skin from radiation as it tends to absorb and scatter ultraviolet rays.

Fortunately, you do not have to harm your fair skin to achieve a nice tan. You just have to choose the best tanning lotion. Selecting the right level of tanning beds while ensuring that your sessions end at the right time further helps.

When it comes to picking the tanning lotion that is suitable for your fair skin, remember not to shock your delicate skin by using intense bronzers right away. During the first few sessions, use a “base tan”, “step 1”, or “accelerator” lotion instead, until you will have a nice base tan. This way your skin will not only get used to the procedure, it will also be protected against chemicals in bronzers and tingle lotions that may irritate your skin. Some people who use tingle lotions without getting a base tan first have reported irritated and itchy skin afterwards. In addition, when you use a bronzer, you might not be able to determine how dark you have really become. Because of this, you might intensify or prolong your session putting your skin at risk.

Phoenician Tanning Lotion An example of a good beginner lotion is Designer Skin Phoenician. This dark tanning lotion hydrates, smooths, and softens skin while darkening it so it is perfect for a tanning newbie. In fact, users of this lotion gave it an average of 4.6 out of 5 stars saying that it “gives a tan that looks natural”, “smells nice”, “is not sticky or heavy on the skin”, “moisturizes skin”, and “has vitamins, amino acids and plant extracts”, among other comments. But if you do decide to try other beginner tanning lotions, just make sure that they have the words “base tan”, “step 1” or “accelerator” in their names.

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To further ensure that you’ll get a beautiful tan, keep in mind that the level of your tanning bed matters. The higher the level of the tanning bed, the better. Higher level tanning beds are more expensive but they use more sophisticated bulbs which emit more light rays that darken rather than burn your skin. In contrast, the cheaper lower level tanning beds use low-quality bulbs that may toast your skin because they emit more amounts of the burning rays. Thus, select the highest bed your budget can get you so you will achieve the best outcome.

Equally important is the duration of your sessions. If you are new to tanning, shorten your first session to 5 minutes then prolong it slowly. For instance, your first session should only last 5 minutes, your second session may be up to 7 minutes, then 10 minutes on your next visit and so on. By not rushing your tanning process, you will safely get the skin color you want while minimizing the chances of adverse affects.

If you remember these guidelines the chances that your tanning sessions will go wrong are slim. You can easily have a glowing tan while making sure that your skin remains healthy.

Tanorexia: Tanning Addiction Revealed

I know it’s a little weird that I would decide to write a post about tanorexia on a tanning lotion website, but this is a real issue tanners need to worry about. I love getting color and to this day continue to stay bronzed but tanning addiction is a serious problem we all need to be informed about.

Tanning AddictionI used to go tanning once a week and use my “Free Sundays” every other week. So in reality I would tan once a week and every other week, I would tan twice a week. I thought nothing of this and figured it was fine because real tanorexics tan everyday, right? Wrong! I would stay the full amount of time in every bed I went in and began to not realize how dark I actually was. I would think I was pale if I missed a routine session in the bed and I was far from that. I am not telling you to not tan, or go in tanning beds, but I am merely presenting an issue that has been brought up for quite some time now. There have been stories and jokes of people being “tanorexic” for a long time now, but all I did is take it as a joke or a poke at me enjoying tanning beds so much. I never really thought I had an issue.

Its been a while since I’ve used a tanning bed now, I mean it’s summer and I’d like to try and get some real rays while I can, but back to my point… I never thought I was too tan when I used tanning beds. I thought I was just the right color…but then again I’d feel significantly paler if I missed a session. I ruled out my anxieties to just being neurotic and wanting to keep my tan dark and not wanting to waste my money that I’d spent on a package of sessions at the salon. Now looking back at pictures of when I tanned that way I feel ridiculous. All the comments people made about my dark tan were completely justified. I looked a completely different race. Now I mean no disrespect when I say that, but generally you don’t want to take it that far. If you want a tan you want it to be golden, glowing, fun and vibrant; not something over-the-top. When I look at these pictures I am embarrassed and cant believe I didn’t see how dark I was. My tan clearly looked fake and although I looked rested and had a dark shade it was definitely too much. I should have noticed how dark I was but all I was concerned with was how to keep my color and not be pale. These are the red flags of tanning addiction.

Over and over we hear of this “Tanorexia” but do we really know anything about it? It is real? What does it entail? And how do we make others more aware of the tell tale signs of a problem arising? Well I recently read an article that cleared up a lot of confusion of whether this problem is real or a concoction of BS. It turns out tanorexia is real. It is a real problem people face when they feel they need to maintain their tans and get anxiety when they cannot. These individuals also get anxiety about becoming pale therefore fueling their obsession with tanning salons and bronzed skin. Anyone can be tanorexic. Tanorexia has some interesting symptoms, side effects and withdrawals signs as well.

Symptoms of tanorexia include all of the above I mentioned. Having a fear of becoming pale, having anxiety when you cannot tan, feeling as if you are not dark enough, feeling that skipping one session at the salon will cause your tan to fade significantly where you become pale and the number one symptom, tanning excessively.

Side effects of excessive tanning include skin cancer which millions of people get diagnosed with every year. Melanoma is the most common and most serious kind of skin cancer. It is important if you are tanning to go to a dermatologist to get your skin checked out regularly to make sure there are no problems arising. Abstinence is always the number one key but if you can’t abstain from the sun or the wonderful tanning beds then prevention is the next step. Frequent tanning can also cause skin to look splotchy and feel leathery. Skin can dry out easily, you can get rosy cheeks (that don’t necessarily go away because you have damaged a layer of your skin so you would need to treat it for months with creams), can cause wrinkles and fine lines and give you an overall older look.

Withdrawal symptoms sounds ridiculous…trust me I know…but realistically there are some and you should know them. When tanorexics cannot tan they may experience nausea, anxiety, nervousness, dizziness, and sometimes depression. Some people are happier when they are exposed to sunlight or UV rays and when you tan you reduce negative moods. When the tanorexic cannot tan they can experience the opposite effect. Tanning induces endorphins to go off in the brain and creates a euphoric feeling for the tanner therefore making it act as an addiction. If the individual cannot tan or “get their fix” they experience negative symptoms and they obsess over it until they can get what they want or do what they want (in this case tan).

I am by no means at all putting down tanning. I absolutely love it..both in the sun and in tanning beds. I am just proposing a serious issue which has been thrown around in the news and community. I want to make people aware that this hobby can become addictive and become an issue. It is important to know the signs of when tanning or anything else is becoming a problem so I feel it my duty as a supporter of the  industry and big fan myself to present these issues and facts. So don’t stop going to salons, just be aware that everything and anything can become a problem and when and if it does, you will know the signs and be one step ahead. Tanning is a wonderful thing. It lifts moods from the UV exposure, creates sexy tan bodies and makes us feel great about ourselves. There is nothing to hate or dislike about outdoor or indoor tanning…well except the dumb tax that was recently put on tanning salons…but that’s besides the point..that’s a whole other discussion…but tanning is fun and great. No one is asking you to stop doing it just be aware of what’s going on and how to tan safely. Tanning is addictive…and can we really blame it? It makes us look rested, chizzled and hot =)

Why Is Tanning Lotion So Expensive?

100 US DollarThere are a couple of reasons why indoor tanning lotion is so expensive. If you’ve never been to a tanning salon before you may be shocked when you get there and they try to talk you into buying a bottle of lotion that’s $60, $80 or even $110. It is imperative that you use a lotion on your body during a session in a bed and you can’t use the stuff you use outdoors.

Let’s start with the secondary reason tanning lotions cost so much. These types of lotions have very special ingredients and their formulas take time to be developed by chemists and scientists. Some of these ingredients include hemp seed oil, tinglers and more commonly added skin bronzers. The use of such unique ingredients in the formulas is one of the reasons why the price jumps to a level that seems very high to most.

The main reason indoor tanning bed lotions are as expensive as they are is… well there isn’t really any good reason. The profit margin on lotions is extraordinarily high, much more than most consumer products. The sale of indoor tanning products is a big part of a salon’s business model when it comes to the bottom line. However, some tanners dislike the idea of having to pay that much for a consumable product that they’ll need to buy again in 2 months. Add that on to the price of tanning itself and you have a pretty decent monthly expense. The good news is that if you have some negotiation skills you can usually become friendly with the salon operator and they’ll start giving you nice discounts on bottles of lotion.

Even though it may be very costly we still recommend that you stay away from cheap tanning lotion. This is something you spread over your entire body so it’s a good idea to make sure you’re using a very high quality product.

A Few Of The Best Tanning Lotions Reviewed

It is difficult to name the best indoor tanning lotions because most of it is really personal preference. However, we can help you find the “best tanning lotion” by looking at the products with the highest sales and most reviews. Even though new lotions come out every year there are some really good ones from one, two and even three years ago that still top the charts in terms of how many people keep using them.

Black 20X One of the all-time best selling tanning lotions is Black 20x by Designer Skin. This is an awesome bronzer tanning lotion that is so good most people don’t even try anything else after using it. It applies evenly, smells great and gives you a deep, dark tan within only a few sessions. Many swear by it and it shows by how many bottles are sold every day. If you’re a frequent tanner there is a very high chance you’ve heard of Black 20x.

Luminary Designer Skin also came out with Luminary tanning lotion in 2010 which is a 25x bronzer. This one is even more expensive than Black 20x, at $120 retail price, but technically has more bronzer ingredients in it so could be even better. Even though it just came out recently it is topping the charts in sales and the reviews that come back are almost all positive. I mean how could it not be a good lotion at such a high cost right? **Update: Luminary now exceeds Black 20X in popularity and sales – if you haven’t tried this lotion you are missing out!!

Smoke Black An oldie but goodie is Smoke Black tanning lotion by Supre. This has been out for years but it continues to sell like crazy and it’s hard to find a bad review of this product. It is much cheaper than the other lotions mentioned above which makes it more appealing to those on a budget. The retail price is only around $60 (yes, we said only lol) but you can also get it for about one-third the price online. There are a few different varieties of Supre Smoke but Black is the best one that contains bronzer ingredients in the formula. We recommend this lotion highly for beginners as well as seasoned tanners.

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Always remember that with bronzer tanning lotions you should wash your hands right away after you leave the tanning bed so that they don’t get those orange streaks. You should also wait a few hours before showering to let the bronzer do their job fully, you’ll get darker faster if you do this.