Tanning Stickers: A Quick and Easy Way to Show Off Your Bronzed Body

09Tanning StickerIf you are a frequent tanner, then you have certainly heard about tanning stickers at least once, wondering what they could possibly be. Since many tanning lotions make regular tattoos fade with time, why not go for a tanning decal instead? They’re very practical, absolutely safe and painless, and make a stylish embellishment that’s guaranteed to turn heads.

Keep reading to find out more about stickers for tanning, and how they can turn your regular tan into body art.

How Do These Stickers Work?

Tanning stickers, just like their name suggests, are stickers that you put in certain areas of your body before applying an indoor tanning lotion. Since the lotion doesn’t get in the area where you’ve placed the sticker, the skin doesn’t darken as the rest of your body, creating a tattoo-similar effect. But unlike tattoos (which offer a myriad of color options to choose from), tanning stickers produce body art the same color as your skin was at the time when you’ve applied them to the body, before applying the tanning lotion.

Benefits of Stickers: How Can They Help You?

Most tanners think of stickers for tanning as of an excellent opportunity to decorate their bodies and create stunning body art. But in addition to their decorative role, these stickers also have a functional role.


When you shop for tanning stickers, you are bound to find a wide range of design options, going from hearts to dolphins, flowers, dragons and even tribal designs. Essentially, it’s like you would be getting a tattoo that’s not permanent, painful or colorful. It makes your tanned skin look more interesting and attractive, and can be a good way to stand out from the crowd.

At the same time, these decals can be utilized for trial by tanners who think about getting their first tattoo, but aren’t completely sure if a particular design would look good on them, or if they really like the whole tattoo idea. Since the body art fades as your tan fades, there is nothing permanent, and you can always choose a different design instead.


In addition to their decorative purpose, these stickers are also functional, and can serve as an easy way to compare your skin before and after tanning. Since the skin retains its natural tone in the area where the sticker has been applied, you can use it as a guide to see how dark the rest of your body has gotten. The purpose is oftentimes twofold: first, to see if a specific tanning lotion builds color; and second, to see when you’ve achieved the desired color. Many tanning salons and tanning lotions provide a few stickers for this purpose, but if yours don’t, you can get them online.

Where Should I Use Tanning Stickers?

Deciding on which body area to use tanning sticker can be quite difficult, especially if you have never used one before. If you’re getting a sticker for decorative purposes only, find an area that’s visible to other people and not covered by your clothing. Best areas would be your neck, arms or ankles. If you’re going to spend days at the beach, consider putting the sticker on the right or left of your stomach, close to your hip, or on your lower back, just above the bikini line.

On the other hand, tanning decals used strictly for comparison purposes should be hidden from others’ sight. The best area to put them on would be those areas that are completely covered by clothing. If the sticker has a design you like, you may place it in a visible area instead.

Where to Buy Them?

Tanning stickers are widely available at tanning salons, some convenience stores and online. While they tend to be a dozen times more expensive at a tanning salon, they can be extremely cheap and accessible online, especially when bought from stores such as Amazon. The price is usually dependent on retailer and complexity of design, and may sometimes be influenced by the number of stickers offered per pack.

What Do the Stickers Look Like?

StickerStar StickerBunny StickerLip StickerSkull

Where to find them?

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Roundup of Benefits

  • Come in a wide range of design options;
  • Great for decorating your body or comparing results;
  • Are not painful at all;
  • Are not permanent (fade alongside your tan);
  • Are absolutely safe to use;

Should You Get a Sticker?

If you want to make your body look more attractive or just see if your tanning sessions progress the way you want, a tanning sticker will be the best choice for you. On top of their inexpensiveness, they’re also very practical, safe and interesting, and will be a wonderful way to show off your bronzed body.

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