Tips for Selecting and Buying Wholesale Tanning Lotion

Wholesale Tanning LotionTanning is very popular these days and as with most popular activities, it is becoming easier and easier to purchase high quality tanning products at excellent prices. In this article, we will discuss the various types of tanning products you should look for in order to have the best tanning experience. We will also share some information regarding the benefits of purchasing wholesale tanning lotion. Read on to learn more.

Most wholesale purchasers of tanning products are salon owners. They buy large quantities because they need a great deal of product to keep their customers happy. Because they are able to make special purchases, you may actually be better off financially buying your tanning products directly from your tanning salon. If they get an excellent price because of making bulk purchases, they may be happy to pass their savings on to you as a way of encouraging your patronage.

You may also be able to find wholesale-like prices by shopping online. Many websites catering to the tanning niche are also able to get excellent prices on a wide variety of tanning products. They may offer special coupon codes and other incentives to encourage you to shop online for all of your tanning needs. This can be quick, easy and convenient for shoppers who prefer self-tanning product or who like to do their tanning at home in their own tanning bed or backyard.

Which Is The Best Way To Tan?

There are three basic categories of tanning lotions:

  • Indoor
  • Outdoor
  • Sunless

If you like to tan at the beach, poolside or in your backyard you would naturally select an outdoor tanning product. If you’re going to a salon to use a tanning bed, you’ll need an indoor tanning bed lotion. For tanning that does not involve any exposure to ultraviolet rays, you would use a sunless tanning lotion or self-tanning lotion.

Today choices in tanning products vary greatly. For example, if you like to tan outdoors you can choose from a wide variety of products designed especially for whole body and/or facial use. You will also have a wide selection of sun protection factor (SPF) strengths to choose from. You can even get tanning products especially designed to protect and enhance your body art. For details, you can read the article Sun Tanning 101 on the site.

Tanning products also come in a vast range of prices. It really pays to shop around because if you can find top quality products at your salon or online at wholesale prices, you may actually pay less than you would for inferior quality products in a drugstore.

The fact of the matter is, there are so many choices in tanning lotions today that it can be very confusing to choose the right one. Be sure to read labels carefully and select the right product for the right use. Use outdoor products only when tanning outdoors and tanning bed products only when tanning indoors with the use of a tanning bed. Self tanning lotions are also intended for indoor use and do not provide any protection from the rays of the sun.

Top Tips for Smart Use of Tanning Lotions

You may be surprised to know that just selecting one favorite tanning lotion is not the best course of action. Instead, you should have a couple of good products standing by that are appropriate to your tanning needs and to your skin type. Alternate them for the best results.

To select just the right tanning products, read the ingredients very carefully. Be certain the products you purchase are approved by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA). Look for products that have a high percentage of natural ingredients. If you have sensitive skin, be sure to discuss your choices with your dermatologist or general practitioner (GP).

Before putting any product all over your body, you should always perform a skin test. Place a small dab of your chosen tanning product on the skin of your inner arm. Just above the wrist is a good place because it will tend to stay in place and not be washed off or wiped off with regular hand washing and other normal daily activities. Leave the lotion in place for several hours. If any signs of irritation occur, discontinue use of the product and talk with your dermatologist or GP.

Once you have found just the right tanning products, apply them evenly and carefully using a circular motion. This ensures smooth, seamless application. It also provides the benefits of light massage to your skin and muscles. Stimulating good blood circulation is a great way to have beautiful skin!

Purchase Your Tanning Products in Bulk

Once you’ve done your research and found a few good products that you want to continue using on a regular basis, you may very well want to buy in large volume so that you can get wholesale tanning lotion prices. If you’re on very good terms with your tanning salon, you may be able to convince them to order an extra case of your favorite product for you to purchase wholesale. If not, you might wish to follow up on the contact information imprinted on the bottle to see if you can get wholesale prices with a direct bulk purchase.


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